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The image people get in their minds when they hear the word "cult" is of a secretive evil group. The definition of the word "cult" is a group that worships a person or being. So by this definition, all religions are cults. The Mormon religion worships God the Father and His Son, Jesus Christ. Much of the reasoning the LDS Church (Mormon Church) has been labeled as such by certain groups and individuals is due to the fact that they believe in modern day revelation.

There is idolatry of their founder Joseph smith, a revered inner circle "the brethren", secrecy of management , financial evasiveness, dependency on temple endowments for salvation, special language, dogmatic doctrine, heresy , and god incapacity as they feel they are the only true church. These are the 10 criteria fora cult.

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Q: Why is Mormonism considered cult-like?
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Is Mormonism considered a popular religion?


Is mormonism considered a sect?

The definition of a religious sect is: 'a subdivision of a larger religious group.'Which Christian church came first? The Roman Catholic Church was the first Christian Church and today it is the largest with 1.1 billion members. Therefore every Christian denomination by definition is a subdivision or SECT of the Roman Catholic Church.Now we come to the question. "Is Mormonism considered a sect?" It may be considered a sect by uneducated people, but Mormonism by definition it is not a SECT. The LDS Church (Mormonism) does not claim its roots as a break away or subdivision of the Roman Catholic Church or any other church. The LDS Church (Mormonism) has its roots as a independent Christian Church. Therefore Mormonism is NOT a Sect.

When was Encyclopedia of Mormonism created?

Encyclopedia of Mormonism was created in 1992.

When was Mormonism Unvailed created?

Mormonism Unvailed was created in 1834.

When was The Rise of Mormonism created?

The Rise of Mormonism was created in 2005.

Can Mormonism be treated with an over the counter ointment?

No, the only known cure for Mormonism is sin.

Where is mormonism usuallypracticed at?

Mormonism is bascially the same as Christan or Catholic. We pray at church and at home.

What religion is the name Brigham from?

Its is from Mormonism. The name of the person was Brigham Young. He is one of the founders of Mormonism.

When was One Hundred Years of Mormonism created?

One Hundred Years of Mormonism was created in 1913.

Does the Southern Baptist Convention seek to destroy Mormonism?

The Southern Baptist Convention would never say that they are seeking to destroy Mormonism, but it is true that they do not agree to the tenets of Mormonism. Some members of the Southern Baptist Convention are more friendly toward Mormonism than others.

What is the reference to miles in Mormonism?

There is no reference to miles in the scripture, theology, or doctrine of Mormonism. Mormons use miles to measure distance if that is the standard unit of measure in their country, but that is about all that miles have to do with Mormonism.

What skin conditions occur with Mormonism?

Mormonism is a religion, not a disease. Most religions do not cause skin conditions.

Is the most fraudulent of all the religions Mormonism?

Mormonism is just like any other Christian religion, each religion being with their individual differences, so if Mormonism is fraudulent, then all of Christianity is fraudulent.

Is being bisexual considered a sin?

It depends on what religion you're talking about. There are religions where it is considered a sin (particularly mainstream Christianity, including Catholicism and Mormonism), and religions were is is not considered a sin (most branches of Judaism, Unitarians, Pagans, some Christian denominations)

Is Mormonism a denomination?

Mormonism is more accurately described as a religious movement, as there are several different denominations, sects, and churches which would claim to be "Mormon" or part of the Mormonism movement. These churches all claim to be the proper continuation or authorized reorganization of the church established by Joseph Smith in 1830.The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (or LDS) is commonly called the "Mormon church" and is what most people think of when they hear the word Mormon. The LDS church is considered a denomination, as it is an organization of about 30,000 congregations worldwide. The LDS church is the largest denomination in the Mormonism movement.

What year was Mormonism founded in?


What is the meaning of Mormonism?

The doctrine, system, and practices of the Mormons.

What are the effects of polygamy in Mormonism?

When Mormonism was first created, they practiced polygamy. This practice was dropped soon after, and Mormons no longer practice or support this belief.

Mormons gain popularity?

Mormonism has become much more well-known in recent years, but the public's opinion of Mormonism has largely stayed the same.

Who was the finder of Mormonism?

Joseph Smith, Jr. is usually credited as the founder (not finder) of the Mormonism movement. His followers believe that he was a prophet acting under the direction of Jesus Christ, so many would say that Jesus is the founder of Mormonism rather than Joseph Smith.

What is mitt Romneys religeus affilation?


Does Mormonism fall under Christianity?

no they are from the devil

What year did Mormonism become a religion?


Who is John Smith and M ormanism?

John Smith had nothing to do with Mormonism. Perhaps you are thinking of Joseph Smith, who founded Mormonism, and whom Mormons consider to be a prophet.

What religion does Mormonism come under?

"Mormonism" (accurately called "The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints") is a Restorationist Christian denomination. However, many Protestant Christian groups reject the validity of the term "Restorationist Christian" and consider Mormonism its own religion, not Christian. To learn more about Mormonism and decide for yourself if they are Christian or not, visit the links in the Related links section below.

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