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Why is a 1994 Honda Accord LS still running hot when idling after the thermostat radiator and both hoses were replaced?


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-check the oil for water if there is you need to replace the head gasketDid you have the cooling system flushed out when you replaced all of the above items? Could be a blocked water port, or it maybe a faulty water pump.

On a Honda there is a bleader valve (similar to a brake one) on the gose neck. Start the car let it get warm and open the valve and let out the steam. As soon as water sprays out tighten it back up and it will work fine. You have to do this because the radiator sits lower than the engine.

Replace the radiator cap. This is a common problem on any vehicle. The cap is designed for a specific pressure(13-15 lbs on average). The cooling system is under pressure, so when the cap is bad it fails to maintain that pressure, effecting the flow of coolant.

You could have a blown head gasket.

of course it could be a lot of things... check the coolant sensor -- screwed-into the very bottom of the radiator. if the car was in a front accident or the radiator was replaced, the sensor (i think that's what it's called) might be bad. replaced the one on my old 86 accord lx, and that did the trick! good luck.

I'm in a similar predicament, however I'm replacing the sensor first, then the Fan Relay located in the fuse box (Becuase I've noticed my fans don't turn on at all !!) , then the thermostat... and if those don't resolve the problem, then I'll replace the water pump. Remeber replace the simplest, least expensive first.


Check the coolant temperature sensors. On 4 cylinder 1990s Accords, one is located in the passenger side end of the cylinder head, near where the upper radiator hose comes in on the front. It's under the distributor and is a little hard to locate at first. This sensor tells the engine computer what is going on, and if it's bad, it can fool you in to thinking you're running hot even if your engine is fine, and it does affect the way the engine runs.

Also check the fan relay, located behind the glove box lid, and the temperature sensors (that operate the fan) located on the radiator.


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The thermostat in a 1992 Honda Accord is found in the thermostat housing. The thermostat housing can be found by following the lower radiator hose.

Had the same problem on my 1991 accord. Replace the thermostat, gasket, and radiator cap. Also, get a gallon of coolant if your current coolant has been in there for more than three years. The thermostat is in the engine block. Simply drain coolant, remove the radiator hose from the engine - the hose that goes from the bottom of the radiator into the engine. There may also be a small spount that bolts into the block, remove the bolts and there is the old thermostat.

where is the thermostat on a 1997 Honda accord i have never seen one in the bottom radiator hose

The upper radiator hose is attached to the thermostat housing.

Follow the upper radiator hose to the engine. The fitting the hose is attached to contains the thermostat.

If you follow the lower radiator hose to the engine block, it will lead you towards the thermostat housing (inside there is the thermostat),

located at the block where the top radiator hose connects to it.

The thermostat in a 1992 Honda accord lx is located in housing that can be found when you follow the upper radiator hose back and finding where it connects to the engine.

there are two hoses coming from the radiator. the one on the bottom has the thermostat at the end near the back of the engine.

Trace your top radiator hose to the thermostat housing, it will have three bolts in it and be somewhat rounded.

Where the upper radiator hose connects to the engine you will find the thermostat.

check that the thermostat was not put in upside down. also check radiator cap pressure

it has a leak and needs to be replaced this may be due to corrosion

The thermostat is located in the radiator hose. Look for the black hose that runs under the ignition. Take the clamp out pull the hose out and there should be the thermostat.

The thermostat is located under the housing cover bolted on the motor. follow the top radiator hose to the motor. the thermostat is under the hose flange that the radiator hose attaches to.

Look in a removable housing at the engine end of the upper radiator hose

AnswerShould be in a removable housing at the engine end of the upper radiator hose The thermostat is in a housing at the engine end of the LOWER radiator hose. Remove the air intake tube to access it.

Electrical radiator fans are thermostat controlled, and won't start unless needed. With a bit of skill you can bypass the thermostat and test the fan itself, but testing the thermostat is a bit trickier.

Front left of the motor just behind the radiator below spark plug

Follow the top radiator hose down to the water outlet on the engine. The stat is in there.

usually you follow the upper radiator hose to the engine you have to remove that hose and the thermostat is between the hose and engine block....sometimes you have to move the alternator to get there

Replace it with the exact same temperature thermostat as the one you removed. Do not run the engine without a thermostat. The thermostat is required to keep the engine running at the optimum temperature that will give the best performance and mileage. If it is overheating running it without a thermostat is not the solution.

The expansion valve, on your 1998 Honda Accord, is located just before the thermostat housing. You can follow the water hose from the radiator to the expansion valve.

It is the port on the aluminum line running right behind the radiator, near the radiator cap.

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