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Why is an ordinary transistor known as a bipolar transistor?


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The "ordinary" transistor is bipolar because it uses both P-type and N-type semiconductor, i.e. PNP or NPN.

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Transistor is known as bipolar junction becoz it has 2 pole. Input is given to the 2 junction and output is taken from to junction

In the case of Bipolar Junction Transistor current conduction is due to both holes and electrons. That's why noise is high in Bipolar Junction Transistor

A Bipolar Junction Transistor(a.k.a. a BJT or BipolarTransistor) is an activesemiconductor deviceformed by twoP-N junctionswhose function is amplification of an electriccurrent.

Because it uses N-type and P-type semiconductor, usually silicon.The construction will either be NPN or PNP, with the different types in a "sandwich" construction.

A circuit in which the input signal is applied to its base and the collector is earthed (grounded) is known as common collector configuration of BJT (BiPolar Junction Transistor)

Yes, the are different names for the same thing.

Bipolar. Unijunction. FET. MOSFET.

For a bipolar junction transistor: * Emitter * Collector * Base For a field-effect transistor: * Drain * Source * Gate

The simplest mathematical model for the operation of the Bipolar Junction Transistor is as a current controlled variable current source (unless driven into either saturation or cutoff).

BJT stands for bipolar junction transistor.

through the used of multi-tester

amplifier, switch, oscillator, etc.

A: It is a transistor that when saturated it will conduct both ways

a model is used to predict how a bipolar transistor performs as a small signal amplifier is known as hybrid model and the values are used with it is known as hybrid or h-parameters.

In the switching transistor the output current is controlled by the (current) and this is also called current controlled current device (CCCD). But in ordinary switch we controlled output current physically...

When bipolar junction transistor(BJT) is operated under proper biasing large current flows through the BJT,thus it is called current operated device.

BJT is Bipolar junction transistor FET is Field effect Transistor It is a current controlled device It is voltage controlled device

No. The Field Effect Transistor is a different technology than the Bipolar Junction Transistor. That cannot substitute for one another.

depletion layer depletion zone juntion region space charge region bipolar transistor field effect transistor variable capacitance diode

Vcc is used in bipolar transistor circuitsVdd is used in field effect transistor circuitsB+ is used in vacuum tube circuits

bipolar the emitter since it is the sum of the base and collector

A PNP transistor is a bipolar transistor formed by two opposing PN junctions in close proximity.

TTL stands for "transistor-transistor logic" and consists of using BJT's ("bipolar junction transistors") to conduct the logic for the circuit.

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