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Why is heater control stuck on blend Wont kick into defrost or heater?

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Check behind the heat control panel to be sure that the vacuum hoses are all securely plugged into the control switch. As a safety measure on all cars, if you lose vacuum altogether, the default position for air direction is on defrost, so you can always see out of the windshield. Jake McCahn

2009-03-24 16:55:21
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Q: Why is heater control stuck on blend Wont kick into defrost or heater?
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2002 Oldsmobile Alero only blows warm air when heater is on and only when its on defrost?

Could be,a stuck open thermostat,low on coolant,plugged heater core,faulty temp blend door actuator,

Why is your heater blowing constant hot air even when set to cold?

Heater control valve stuck open. Possible blend air door failure.

What could cause a sedona to have no heat?

There are several possible causes. A thermostat stuck open A heater control valve stuck closed A malfunctioning blend air door (located in the heater box) Low coolant level Malfunctioning heater controls

Why does the AC blow out of floor and defrost but not dash on an 1989 Chrysler New Yorker?

Sounds like a stuck blend door.

How do you fix the climate control selection on a Ford Windstar?

If you can turn on the heater but only cold air comes out you should check the blend door. It controls the door to switch from cold air to hot. It sits directly behind the heater/AC controls. It is white square plastic piece (approx 3in x 5in half inch thick and has a plastic screw rod that attaches to the heater/AC controls and they strip out.AnswerIt could also be referring to being stuck on defrost vents...See "Related Questions" for extensive information about changing the temperature blend door actuator motor and defrost only problems

I have a 2002 Ford Explorer that is get low air flow from the defrost vent when the defrost unit is selected. Most of the air flow is going to the floor vents. Is the blend valve bad?

Hi, It is not the blend door, that is for heat/cold changes. The mode door could be the problem, or stuck defrost door.

Why will a car heater blow out cold air when heater is on?

Low on coolant, stuck open thermostat, plugged heater core, faulty temperature blend door,

Why is the heater in your 06 vectra permanently on hot even when turned to cold?

The blend door is probably stuck.

Heater not working on Chevy Blazer 1999?

Assuming the blower is working, the reason for no heat could be, low on coolant due to leak in coolant system, thermostat stuck open, heater core plugged or temperature blend control NG.

Why would the heater switch not change off the defrost position on a 96 Cherokee?

1. heat control linkage disconnected or broken or vacuum source problems(low vaccum source or broken vacuum lines) 2. heater unit doors stuck or non functioning heater door actuators

Why does your heater blow cold air in your truck?

Low on coolant. Stuck open thermostat. Plugged heater core. Faulty temp blend door.

Why is the Heater stuck on high temp on a 2001 mercury sable?

This sounds like a temperature blend door problem - with the door stuck in the heat position. See "Related Questions" below for information on Taurus/Sable blend door actuator motors and blend doors

Why is your heater only blowing cold air in your car?

Low on coolant. Stuck open thermostat. Plugged heater core. Temp blend door inop.

Why does your f150 heater blow cold air?

Low on coolant. Thermostat stuck open. Heater core plugged up. Temp blend door malfunction.

Why does my truck heater get stuck on hot?

The blend door could be sticking on the truck. The vacuum system could have a leak. Or the cables to the heat valve could be malfunctioning. Check these three areas to fine why your heater is stuck on hot.

What does the heater valve do?

The heater control valve is used to shut off hot coolant from entering the core when the heater is in the off position. A heater control valve can be actuated by either a vacuum line or a cable from the vacuum heater control valve to the heater core. This hose should be warm; if not the heater control valve is stuck and needs to be replaced

What symptoms means your 2004 Toyota Sienna needs a new thermostat?

Little or no heat from heater/defrost if t-stat is stuck open. Engine overheats if t-stat is stuck closed.


It sounds like your air flow diverter is stuck on defrost. Basically it is a little door that diverts the air fom vent to defrost to feet. It could be either the heater control valve, or te temperature selecter cable is broke.

How do you figure out why the heater and blower work but the ac and defroster do not?

The HVAC doors that control the airflow are activated by small vacuum motors. The system is designed to fail safe; this means that the system will fail in full defrost mode. So, knowing this and the fact that you have heater but no A/C or defrost you should assume the system has a failed control head (the part that you select functions with with button or lever). Or the doors are stuck due to an warped duct system (usually high heat related).

When car heater blows cold air What is wrong with it?

You may be low on coolant, or the thermostat is stuck open, or the heater core is plugged up, or the temp blend door is broken.

Why does the heater stay on on a 1999 ford crown victoria lx?

The Blend Door Actuator is stuck or has failed. Somewhat of a common issue.

Why would heat be cold in 98 ford van?

Thermostat is missing or stuck open, coolant level is low, heater core is plugged or heater control valve is stuck closed.

Why is only cold air coming out when heater is on in a 2000 blazer?

Could be, Stuck open thermostat, Low on coolant, Plugged heater core, Temperature blend door actuator malfunction.

What would cause a car heater to blow cold air?

Could be, low on coolant, stuck open thermostat, plugged heater core, faulty temp blend door actuator,

Why does heat come out of defrost vent at same time ac is on blowing cold air on 93 wrangler yj?

Your air mix door is stuck, follow the cable from the temp control to the heater/ac unit and see if the flapper is moving, if not the door itself may be stuck or broken and you'll need to get in there and replace it.