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Why is it hard to shift into first gear on a 1994 Mazda B400 4x4?


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2004-12-29 11:07:13
2004-12-29 11:07:13

The shift gate or the synchronizers can be worn. Also the clutch can need adjustment if possible.


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OK on the Mazda B4000, make sure the seat belts are retracted and the ends on the doors are facing up. If they are not up, it will cause the rear doors to not close all the way and the stupid light stays on! you can also use wD40 and spray the locking mechanisms ( all 4 doors) John

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On the 1999 B400 4X4 the fuel filter is mounted on the inside of the left frame rail. It is about even with the back end of the transmission housing. There will be a rock shield which the filter sits behind. You will need a set of plastic fastener releases to detach the fore and aft fuel lines. Make sure the vehicle front is up hill or the tank will drain. Good Luck!

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Could be clutch adjustment or shift linkage adjustment

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On the top of the transmission, with a harness headed to it, should be about 3 bolts to take off, then valve comes off... shift solenoids are in there

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