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Why is it necessary to follow shutdown procedures rather than turning off the computer like the television in other words what are its effects?

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2007-05-03 19:22:38

As you may know, a computer which is running has two side one

has to consider: 1. A running computer is an electrical device in

which billions of elementary operations take place per second. When

a computer is switched on, an avalance of tiny electric signals

travelling through tiny conductors, sets the computer in a state

which responds in a certain way to external signals, such as

keyboard input. It is extremely complicated and difficult for an

average user to interact with the machine on that level directly.

Therefor, there is special software writen which hides this

complicated interaction interface from the user and offers a much

more user-friendly interface to interact with. That is the... 2.

Operating System: the software which intermediates between a human

user and a computer machine. The operating system is able to

communicate both with the computer's complicated interface and with

the intuitive humans. Therefor, it is responsible for the

translation of human messages to the computer and vice-versa. The

operating System (Linux, MacOS, Windows, ...) is a quite

complicated software itself. It has to keep a big amount of

internal operation data. When a computer is being switched off, the

operating system has to make sure none of its internal structure is

ruined. That requires some extra time and computations to be run so

that the internal state of the operating system is "cleanly"

destroyed and the appropriate data stored to a persistent storage

medium (hard disk, for example). If there was a computer with no

operating system running on it (as there are some), one could just

pull the plug and no harm would be caused.

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