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Why is it sometimes gas shoots down the carburetor at idle?


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2007-09-05 13:28:15
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If your idle speed is adjusted properly (not too high), yet you can visibly see fuel entering the venturi, it may be because of check balls sticking within the circuits that aren't supposed to be working at idle, or internal gaskets leaking, or more often, a problem with the float level, which causes fuel to "spill" over the top, in an uncontrolled fashion. This causes CO levels at idle to skyrocket, which in turn will tax the catalytic converter (if equipped). This spilling is usually accompanied by an erratic "spitting" sound, and may cause erratic idle speeds as well. The cure for such a condition is inevitably a carb overhaul for best results.


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To bring the idle down on a Yamaha badger is really easy. All you have to do is adjust the fuel settings on the carburetor.

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If it is a fuel injected engine then you can not adjust the idle, it is computer controled. There is no idle adjustment. If it is a carburetor then there is a small screew over by the throttle cable, down towards the bottom of the carburetor.

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Should have a carburetor so all you have to do is turn the idle screw down some on the carb.

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Rephrase, Idle air control, idle circuit carburetor or

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