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If your idle speed is adjusted properly (not too high), yet you can visibly see fuel entering the venturi, it may be because of check balls sticking within the circuits that aren't supposed to be working at idle, or internal gaskets leaking, or more often, a problem with the float level, which causes fuel to "spill" over the top, in an uncontrolled fashion. This causes CO levels at idle to skyrocket, which in turn will tax the catalytic converter (if equipped). This spilling is usually accompanied by an erratic "spitting" sound, and may cause erratic idle speeds as well. The cure for such a condition is inevitably a carb overhaul for best results.

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Q: Why is it sometimes gas shoots down the carburetor at idle?
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How do you get the idle down on a Yamaha badger?

To bring the idle down on a Yamaha badger is really easy. All you have to do is adjust the fuel settings on the carburetor.

Idle Screw On A 5.7 V8 350?

If it is a fuel injected engine then you can not adjust the idle, it is computer controled. There is no idle adjustment. If it is a carburetor then there is a small screew over by the throttle cable, down towards the bottom of the carburetor.

Why does your 83 Trans Am idle so high?

Should have a carburetor so all you have to do is turn the idle screw down some on the carb.

What would cause a craftsman lawn tractor to idle up and then down?

You need to adjust your carburetor.

What is a idle port in Car?

Rephrase, Idle air control, idle circuit carburetor or

How do you adjust carburetor on weed eater featherlite sst25?

The carburetor on a Weed Eater Featherlite SST25 is adjusted by turning the screws on the side of the carburetor. They control the idle mixture and idle speed of the engine.

How do you adjust the idle for a 1987 accord carburetor?

On the rear of the carb there should be a black plactic knob on a shaft with a spring. You will probably have to take the air cleaner housing off. Tightenen to idle up, loosen to idle down.

Why does your idle flutter?

Incorrect idle mixture (carburetor), or sticking IAC (idle air control), computer controlled engines.

How do you set the idle on a 2003 Yamaha Big Bear 400?

To set the idle, adjust the carburetor.

Can the idle on a car be increased?

Yes, There is a screw on the carburetor or throttle-body that controls idle speed.

How do you adjust the idle speed of a Susuki SP125?

If it has a carburetor, then there should be a screw somewhere on the carburetor. If it's fuel injected, then I don't think you can adjust the idle without hacking into the computer.

How do you adjust the idle speed on a carburetor?

With the engine running, turn the idle screw until you get the speed you want.

Why does dodge Aries idle high?

Could be the carburetor/idle speed out of adjustment, possibly a vacuum leak

Where is idle positioning sensor located?

Idle air control valve sensor is located around the carburetor .

What are common problems for a 1981 Toyota carburetor?

High Idle.

How do you turn the idle down on a Chevy s10 blazer?

Need to know what year, engine size and if it has a carburetor or throttle body injection (TBI).

Where is idle screw on impco model e?

A model E converter does not have an idle screw. Your idle adjustment would be on your Mixer, equivalent of the carburetor.

How do you adjust the idle speed on a Yamaha Razz carburetor?

there is a little screw on the back of the carb. if you loosen it, it will idle slower, tighten it, it will idle faster.

How do you tune a Honda xr 200 carburetor?

If your on the right side of the bike the carburetor is to the top left of the cylinder, there is a screw with a spring on it, tighten the screw to bring the idle up, loosen it to lower the idle

Why is the idle circuit and the power circuit in the carburetor so important?

They are all necessary parts of a carburetor which allow it to perform properly.

What lines are connected to a motorcycle carburetor?

Fuel line. Throttle lines of which there are 2. One is the accelerator cable and the other is the return cable sometimes called the idle cable.

Where is the idle adjustment on an 97 Honda recon trx250 ATV?

on the carburetor

What carburetor component is used to prevent dieseling?

The fast idle solenoid

Where is the idle adjustment on carburetor on 1986 Chev. Celebrity?

The idle air is adjusted via a screw on the linkage. The gas flow is automatically set by the computer via the vari-jet inside the carburetor.

Chevy s 10 pick up idle to high?

how to turn the idle down. See if it's carburetor or efi. There is a speed adjustment for either using the idle speed screw (carb) or air bypass adjustment screw. If either has no effect, see below-