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Not to be coarse, but that may have not been the problem or another was created during the repair or yet even still another problem existed and created the one you just fixed. If the ses light came back on, there will be code (s) stored. Get back on the horse and track them down. Troubleshooting can be very trying.

2006-07-12 10:38:13
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Renault megane II check gearbox?

Common problem have Solenoid replaced Usually the pressure regulator valve.

Why did your 1992 Geo tracker 4 wd crank and then cut off and wont crank back?

crank sencer When I had the same problem it was the starter solenoid. It is built on the starter so you have to replace both. After the starter/solenoid was replaced I had no more problems. P.S. If you take it to most major auto parts places they can check the starter but not the solenoid mine showed good but after I replaced it I never had that problem again.

I have a 96 explorer with po756. I replaced the shift solenoid but did not fix. What else could be wrong?

If you replaced the correct shift solenoid (SS B), check for a broken band in the trans.

What might prevent a 97 Eagle Talon from shifting into gear after replacing the wiring harness and steering column?

If the trans. is an automatic, the prob. might be in the trans. shift interlock solenoid. This is a solenoid that prevents shifting into gear unless your foot is on the brake pedal. The solenoid is located on the steering column or under the center console on floor shift models. Check to see if you have any connectors unplugged at these locations, if you do, find where it goes and your problem may go away.

Renault megane 1.6 auto 2nd gear jumps?

Check the solenoid. This happened to us and we had to have the solenoid replaced. Part cost about AUD$240 but labour was $800!

Can a broken engine oil dipstick cause hard shifting?

a broken dip stick wont cause hard shifting... the engine does not do the any shifting... your problem would be the transmission... check transmission....

After replaced transducer of EGR but the check light still on what should you will replace next?

try the solenoid controlling the egr

Why would a 95 Chevy camaro give problems shifting to 2nd gear the motor will wind out and you let off and put back on gas and it changes?

Check the shift solenoid on the side of the 95 Camaro transmission. Also check for any vacuum leaks. You most likely have a problem with one of these.

How do you check the solenoid wire harness to the transmission of 1999 Chevy silverado?

The first and largest problem is access to the wire harness on the solenoid. This is an issue you shouldn't attempt yourself, and is better completed at the dealership. There, they will use an electronic device to check different points in the solenoid.

1994 Honda Accord EX with 175000 miles on it It leaks oil either at the VTEC solenoid itself or right below the solenoid you replaced the gasket on the solenoid but it still leaks?

You should also check the plug on the engine's front balance shaft. This location often causes trouble on the 94' model Accords. If there is no problem there then check the oil pan itself do to a possible rubber gasket dry rotting or failing weld/ seams.

You get a click when you try to start your 1985 Chrysler The battery is good and it will start right up when you get under the car and jump the solonoid connections with a screwdriver Is the solenoid?

solenoid is bad ,have it replaced,but check for remote solenoid first some vehicles have another solenoid mounted closer to battery

1990 ford f250 will not charge you have replaced the alternator voltage regulator and batteries What could be the problem?

You have a wiring problem. Check really close the small wire on the solenoid. This wire is located on the opposite side of the solenoid that the big wire going to the starter is on. These are usually found corroded and/or broken inside the jacket insulation. You can run a jumper wire to test or use a tester.

Why wont the new starter you replaced on your 93 ford ranger 4 cylinder disengage after starting engine?

Check and or replace your starter solenoid.

Ihave 1992 mustang LX 4 cylinder replaced solenoid checked starter battrey cables etc you origianly replaced solenoid and it started for a day now it acts like it did before just clicks?

could be a bad battery connection or dead battery i had the same problem with my jeep Did you check the starter motor itself without the solenoid? Quite possibly worn brushes and/or dirty/worn/shorting motor armature. could be the ignition switch, is the clicking coming from under the steering column?

Your peugeot 306 20 16v year 2000 wont turn over you have all the ignition lights on but the stater motor will not turn over have just replaced the starter but problem still present?

Turn your headlights on and try start the engine, if they don't dim then the problem is still in the starter motor. If you bought the motor 2nd hand, maybe try exchanging it or check it has been refitted properly. Ive currently got the same problem with my xsi, bu haven't had a chance to fit a new one because of the weather here. When you replaced the starter did you also replace the starter solenoid? I had the same symptoms on my 306, starter wouldn't turn, battery was OK and headlights worked. Road service was able to start the car by bypassing the starter solenoid. I replaced the solenoid (and the starter because they're sold together) and fixed the problem.

Could 98 dodge neon and when you turn right the engine dies it starts right back up and also has a check engine light on the light is for the TCC selenoid is the solenoid related to the car dying?

im not going to answer your question but i have the exact same problem except i found that with the front wheels off the ground it does not die when turning to the right. I replaced the TCC solenoid and my check engine light went away but did not solve the right turn problem. If you find anything out please post it.

Why does the third brake light work but the side brake lights don't in a 2000 Chevy cavalier?

Check the bulbs first. I had the same problem on a 94 Oldsmobile and it was the dimmer switch. Replaced that and fixed the problem Check the bulbs first. I had the same problem on a 94 Oldsmobile and it was the dimmer switch. Replaced that and fixed the problem

You can crank your 89 crownvictoria from your solenoid but not from your ignition What is the problem?

Well, there could be a short between the ign. to the solenoid, or, bad contact. The contact in the ign. could be faulty . I would check the ign. first.

What is a p0751 shift solenoid on a 2000 ford escort zx2?

My check engine light came on in my 2000 Ford zx2...It gave that code and said shift solenoid A. I did a little research and found out shift solenoids are only in automatic transmissions. They're like a chip that tells the transmission when to shift gears. So if your car is hesitating between gears, the solenoid may need replaced or there could just be a problem with one of the wires.

What if your subaru legacy 2.5 keeps over heating you have put a new radiator in and replaced the theromostat but it still over heats what would the problem be?

Check; coolant, fan, fan clutch and fan clutch solenoid, blocked or partially blocked lines and coolant gallery.

1967 GTO 400 ci with a hot start problem Installed a remote start solenoid - still have trouble starting when hot was told to replace solenoid at starter with a 1964 corvette solenoid Will this work?

If you are running a remote start solenoid, which is completely away from the engine heat, and still having problems I doubt that the Corvette solenoid will make much difference. One other thing to check is your initial timing. If your timing is advanced a little too far it can cause these same symptoms. Before changing out that solenoid again or spending more cash dial back your timing a few degrees. See if the hot start problem is still there. It's free and would only take a couple of minutes to check. If the problem is still there you might want to check or replace the starter itself.

1988 blazer wont turn over have great battery replaced starter can start jumping starter post to post wkey on any sugestions?

check solenoid

94 gmc sierra 350 V8 and when I turn the switch it won't make a sound I have already replaced the starter relay switch and starter and battery terminals what should I do to fix ths problem?

you need to have the starter solenoid checked. also check thew ignition switch

Egr code 32 check engine light comes on while driving 2.2 manuel trans no ground at solonoid for egr replaced computer prolbem still there?

Check the wire form the solenoid to the computer.

How do you repair your digital speedometer on your 95 caprice?

check the wiring to the speedometer. Check the sending unit as well. If the problem is internal then the speedometer will have to be replaced.