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Get a new gage cluster panel.

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Q: Why is my 1998 Ford Escort temp gauge stuck after overheating and how do I fix it?
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How do you fix a temp gauge on a 1998 ford contour?

temp gauge is stuck on hot

Have a 1998 Ford Escort zx2 tach fuel gauge and temp gauge doesn't work any ideas.?

what controls the gas guage on 98 ford escort

What causes 1998 civic gauge to read over heating?

First off its a gauge not Gage and second the engine overheating would be the culprit their, genius.

Why is your 1988 Mercury Mystique overheating?

There could be several reasons why a 1998 Mercury Mystique is overheating. The radiator may have a leak, the thermostat may be stuck, or the head gaskets could be blown.

Why is your 1998 intrepid overheating?

Overheating can be is most commonly caused by either a stuck thermostat or a bad water pump. Insure that the cooling fins on the radiator are clean so that air can pass through.

If your temperature gauge on your 1998 Lincoln navigator is bad will it make your engine misfire?

No the gage has no effect on firing. An engine that is overheating will misfire.

Your gear shift is stuck in Park on a 1998 Ford Escort any ideas?

It's the brake switch. It tells your break lights to come on.

Can i get a 1998 ford escort rear brake diagram?

brake diagram for 1998 ford escort

What is Code P1744 on a 1998 Ford Escort 2.0 Liter mean?

Trouble code P1744 means: TCC system mechanically stuck in off position

What kind of stereo goes in a Ford Escort 1998?

A cassette radio player goes in a ford escort 1998.

Possible reasons for gas gauge not working on 1998 Honda passport?

either the guage is malfunctioning or the fuel pump sending unit is stuck.

What would cause the temp gauge on a 1998 Chevy Venture to fluctuate from midrange to hot and back down to mid range again car is not overheating gauge just moves up and down and the fan comes on?

is the coolant disapeering at all ?

1998 dodge durango check gauges what does this mean?

It means look at your gauges. Something is wrong! Does your temperature gauge show that it is overheating? Is the oil presure where it should be? Check your fluids.

How do you remove the rear drum brakes on a 1998 Ford Escort?

How do you remove the rear drum brakes on a 1998 ford escort

Where is the idle speed control motor on a 1998 ford escort ZX2?

where is the idle control motor for a 1998 ford escort

What type of oil for a 1998 ford escort LX?

5 w 30 - according to the 1998 Ford Escort owners manual

What would cause overheating 1998 Pontiac transport?

hi . i also own a 1998 Pontiac trans sport i was having the same overheating problem. try replaceing the thermostat first .or like me replace the lower intake gASKET MINE WAS BAD!! IF YOU HAVE NO heat in the van and the temp gauge in the van keeps jumping up and down that's what it is

Why are there two coolant sensors on your 1998 ford escort se?

One sensor would be for your engine temperature gauge and the other sensor for the OBD II engine management system

Will 1997 ford escort airbags fit into a 1998 escort?

95 on, are all the same.

How are the cylinders numbered on a 1998 ford escort?

On a 1998 Ford Escort : firewall 1-----2-----3-----4 front of vehicle > driver

1998 Ford Escort stereo wiring diagram?

i need the factory stereo wiring and color codes for 1998 ford escort se

What is the gas capacity of a 1998 ford escort?

According to the 1998 Ford Escort Owner Guide : ( 48.5 litres / 12.8 U.S. gallons )

How do you fix a temperature gauge in a 1998 mystique your car will run for a while and get really hot but you have no idea if it is overheating at all?

Check engine water temp with a thermometer -- Replace temperature sending unit

What refrigerant does a 1998 escort use?


Where is the temperature control cable located in a 1998 Ford Escort?

Same answer as the 97 escort question.