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this car is known to have an appearance of a rough idle even when everything is fine and a history of short-lived motor mounts

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Q: Why is my car shaking in park and you just got a fairly new engine installed?
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What causes an engine vibration in a Saturn SC2?

Engine vibration can be an indication of a misfire, but more often it's just the AC compressor causing a little shaking.

What if your 1994 acura just started shaking when stopped or slowing down and your check engine light just came on today what do you do?

First step is to have it checked for trouble codes. If the check engine light is on, the pcm has detected a fault and set a code.

Where is the oil filter on a 2012 dodge charger?

On the HEMI - take off the plastic engine cover underneath the engine compartment. As you are looking up at the engine, facing towards the front of your car, the lowest part of the engine is the oil pan. Just to the left of the oil plan is the filter - which is up fairly high on the block compared to the pan - installed vertically. On the 3.6L it is under the black plastic screw on cap on the top of the motor.

What causes a po342 code?

i have checked the voltage to the cmp, and i have changed the cmp! the code will not clear, and i have a hard start. just installed new engine!

Will a 2001 KIA sephia engine fit a 2002 KIA spectra?

Yes. I just installed an '02 Spectra motor in my '00 Sephia.

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Just had 2.4L engine rebuilt and now it doesn't sound or respond like your old engine and your gut feeling is that another block was installed. How can someone check this out?

Get a 2nd opinion from another mechanic or friend.

Why Check Engine Light started Flashing and the vehicle begin shaking sternly?

If the check engine light is flashing that means an engine cylinder misfire has been detected . You can drive the vehicle in for repair , just avoid any rapid acceleration or deceleration because you can damage the catalytic converter

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