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If it's a Sunfire, go to the dealer. I think they were recalled for that problem.

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Q: Why is one headlight significantly dimmer than the other one and how do you fix it?
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How do you fix headlights that dimmer than they should be?

Usually the ground wire that comes out of the headlight that is fastened to the car body is the culprit. You will usually find the wire terminal from the headlight plug attaching to the car body or chassis ground not too far from the headlight. Fairly common problem.

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If all the lights except the headlights come on for a 1988 Ford Ranger 2.3 4-cyl what could be wrong?

More than likely it is the headlight dimmer switch.All headlight operations go through it once you have turned them on at the switch. It can be the relay.

Why does the low beam headlight not illuminate in your 1977 Corvette when you first turn the headlights on but does when you hit the high beams?

== == more than likely your dimmer switch is bad,hope that will help

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bad plug at the wiring connection

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