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Why is the amount of starch in food important?


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The answer depends on why you are asking.

It is important because if you put in too much it will be too stiff and the starch will be overpowering. (Imagine choclate pudding with too much corn starch - it won't have that nice mouth feel, it will be too solid and the flavor won't come through as clearly.) The consistency will be greatly affected depending on how much or how little you use, and also the flavor.

Starch is carbohydrates and calories. A cup of flour is 400 calories, so 2 Tablespoons would be 50 calories . . . I think. The more flour you use to thicken something, the more calories and carbohydrates. That affects the nutrition. And generally the more flour, the more oil which also greatly affects the nutrition.


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Add a small amount of idodine to the food and it will turn dark blue-purple if there is a prescence of starch

In plants starch is food storage. In herbivores starch is food. In cooking starch is a thickener.

Starch holds glucose, which can later be used as energy. Photosynthesis is the process of making food/energy, so starch is not so much important in the process of photosynthesis, but it can store excess fuel made by photosynthesis.

Milk has a very small amount of starch

There is no significant amount of starch in an orange.

I think you mean starch and to test for it you have to use iodine and this turns black if there is starch in your food if nothing happens then there is no starch in the food.

When a food label reads "modified food starch", they are telling you that there is some kind of starch in the product. It could be wheat starch, corn starch, tapioca starch, rice starch, etc. What you should do if you see modified food starch is call the 800 number on the pack of the product and specifically ask them what kind of starch is in that product. In North America, modified food starch is safe for celiacs. In other countries, you must contact to find out which starch it is from.

There are fibrous foods that do contain starch. Potatoes are an example of a food that contains both starch and fiber.

You can test for starch in food by dropping iodine on food on an agar plate, if it turns black, it contains starch.

plant prepares starch as it is the food of the plant means it is the stored food in leaves .when it dosent get the suupply of food the plant uses starch.

the starch is for food when needed

Yes, rice is considered a starch. It is part of food, but not complete nutritionally.

Corn and peas are a good source of starch

starch is the food sugars of wheat grain.

yes it rapidly reduces the amount of starch

Cauliflower contains a very small amount of starch.

Starch is not important to human body. It automatically fallows you in your diet.

Get yr facts straight starch is stored food or food for the plant

It depends some food starch is gluten free and some isn't

yes leaves have starch in them and starch is used for food and energy and when it has too much starch they store it in there seeds for their babies.

it may, depending on what starch is used

it is a polysaccharide. plants store the food in the form of starch

Iodine turns blue in the presence of starch.

All flowers (food) has starch and protein

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