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first make sure the radiator cap is tight. there can be lots of reasons....hole in a hose, leaking radiator, cylinder head gasket, intaked manifold leaking, heater core, or the water pump leaking. check and see if there is a puddle on the ground, if so you can diagnose where it is coming from easier. if no puddle then it might have an enternal leak. see if the bottom of the oil cap looks like somebody spit in it, if so then its water miking with the oil. when the vehicle is running see if there is any blue smoke, this could indicate a bad cylinder head gasket to.

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โˆ™ 2006-03-29 03:06:22
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Q: Why is the car losing coolant after a new water pump has been installed?
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Your car is leaking yellow rusty water Does a radiator leak normally give out that type of water?

Yes, this sounds like coolant from a cooling system that has been neglected and not flushed and changed regularly. Have the leak fixed, a new thermostat installed, a fresh mix of 50/50 coolant installed, and bleed the system.

I have been losing coolant in my car and dont see any leaks?

The radiator cap might need replacing.

How close are you to losing the water cycle?

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Have been installed or had been installed?

have been installed means now and had been installed means past

If new headgasket is installed and engine overheats with oil and coolant is coming threw coolant reservoir what should i do?

You have reinstall the head gasket. It has been not tighten enough or damaged. Anyway the replacement was not done properly.

Why does coolant light come on when coolant level is ok on 2001 Mazda tribute?

I have a 2003 that has that same problem. After dealing with this issue for a year, I finally took it to the dealer and they determined that it was the coolant cap. So they installed a brand new cap and the coolant light hasn't come on since it was installed, just over a month. Another possibility: The sensor in the coolant reservoir has been known to go bad according to Mazda Parts Dept. The sensor and reservoir and sold as one part. I replaced mine and the light went off.

Why does my 1985 Nissan king cab coolant overflow?

bad water pump There are min and max lines on your coolant reservoir, are you overfilling(only antifreeze not water) and then when the truck heats up it overflows? Or has the coolant system been bled of any air bubbles(after changing the water pump for example)?

How do you measure water pressure from a pump?

Check the water pressure gauge should have been installed on the upstream side of the pump.

Why are we running out of hot water so soon?

Either the thermostat has been set too low, your hot water heater is not big enough, or your hot water heater has not been installed properly.

What is a water bleeder bypass gasket?

Some vehicle cooling systems will have a bleeder valve to get air out of coolant after adding new coolant and/or making repairs. There is no such thing as a bypass gasket, you have been misinformed, or correction has been poorly explained.

What kind of coolant does a 1997 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme take?

The correct coolant is DEXCOOL it has an orange color to it. If your coolant is green the coolant has been changed. It has been found out that DEXCOOL was bad for Aluminum heads and gaskets. Best to switch to the green coolant.

What happens if you use the in correct coolant to water mixture?

If you use more water than coolant, then your car isn't protected against freezing conditions to as low of a temperature as the container may indicate. Also there is a possibility of rusting if you use only water (I've been told).

Why is water called the universal coolant?

Water is called a universal coolant because it can cool the machines which has been so hot after the process.the water is pumped into the machine where it comes out as steam which can be used for other purposes.The steam has a lot of energy taken from the machines. So nice ah............

Why does car overheat after new radiator and thermostat installed?

The wrong thermostat has been installed, perhaps a winter thermostat for a cold climate when you live in a warm climate. Or maybe the coolant level is low due to a leak. Two possibilities anyway. Make sure you are using the correct thermostat for that vehicle and that it is opening and closing properly((sometimes even a new thermostat can be a bad one)) also check coolant levels,make sure you are using engine coolant in the system and not just plain water only......a minimum mixture of 50% anitfreeze/coolant and 50% water is can even by the pre-mixed engine coolant from autoparts store.. If your thermostat is operating properly and you have installed a new radiator then the next option is to have the vehicles coolant(water)pump checked to insure it is operating properly...also have the vehicles temperature sensor check to insure it is operating properly... Also since you replaced the thermostat and the radiator you drained the entire system and now you may have air trapped in the system,when the coolant system is filled at the factory and at most garages/dealerships they pull a vacuum on the system until the radiator hoses collapse and then fill the system with engine coolant...this prevents air being in the system which can cause cooling problems as well... I want to add there is a specific way to install a thermostat. It has to be placed in the certain position inside of the inlet. There is a special marking to assist you.

What caused water to get into the oil in a 5.7L vortex engine?

A blown head gasket is about the only way to get water into the oil, it should be coolant though. If you are running only water in your radiator you have probably been experiencing some leakage or overheating issues and replaced the coolant with water as an emergency measure. ( plain water will do damage to your aluminum engine parts )

Why is my Ford Focus overheating at highway speeds?

There are several possibilities: Most obvious, of course, is (1) low coolant level or insufficient coolant fluid (i.e. - coolant fluid mixture has been diluted with too much water). (2) The cooling fan(s) are failing to come on. (3) The water pump is failing or has failed.

Flush the Coolant?

form_title=Flush the Coolant form_header=Keep the cooling system running properly by regularly flushing and replacing the fluids. What type of coolant do you normally use?=_ How long as it been since the coolant has been flushed?=_ Have you had any overheating problems?=_

Why is a 1997 Dodge Intrepid running hot after thermostat has been replaced and radiator is not clogged and no water flows through top hose?

coolant only flows through top hose when engine is at normal operating temp.. so u have the wrong thermostat, or no coolant in the rad.... Or the water pump has failed and is not pumping the water.

My 1996 Pontiac Sunfire coolant gage has been increasing whenever my car is idle or when I stop a stop sign or something. The coolant seems fine its up to the full mark. Could it be a clogged radiator?

Could be a clogged radiator Could be water pump is not circulating coolant

What causes a 2001 cadillac deville to boil water?

bad water pump, low coolant, blown headgaskets, if the car has been overheated, there is a good chance the head gaskets are blown

Whats wrong when your 1997 mercury sable's heater will not heat with a new thermostat installed?

I had a similar problem and it turned out my heater core was completely clogged, I recommend flushing it yourself as it will take a few hours of labor but is quite simple. Buy a flush kit and flush it out a few times with water. I used hot water from a water heater in the basement and an air compressor b/c my coolant hadnt been changed in years.

My 1998 sportage is overheating and the thermostat has been replaced any idea what it is?

Low coolant level? System airbound? Cooling fan not working? Radiator plugged or restricted? Water pump not circulating coolant? Defective radiator cap?

Why would Range Rover engine coolant come out?

If the coolant is coming back out of the radiator / resivour it may have been overfilled. It may be a number of reasons. Blown head gaskit, faulty thermostat, bad water pump....etc...

After installing a new Radiator you cannot get the water to flow the radiatir that was replaced worked fine until i installed a new one?

there could of been minerials in the line and they are stopping the water

Why is your 2000 Lincoln LS losing coolant when it is turned off hot?

I have a 2000 LS. The earlier models were well known for having a water pump leak and also the thermostat housing. The seals were a bad design.The new part is similar on the outside but on the back it has been redesigned to work better than previously.But there could be a leak from somewhere else as well.Coolant systems pressurize when they get heated up. When you shut the car off as the vehicle cools the coolant will find a way to escape, as it's under about 15-19 lbs of pressure.