Why is the car not getting any fire?

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2005-11-26 14:24:48

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You need do give more information such as car, year ,engine, the type of problem.

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2005-11-26 14:24:48
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Q: Why is the car not getting any fire?
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What wrong when car not getting no fire?

Nothing, cars are not suppose to be on fire. Not getting no fire is a double negative. What you are really saying is that you have fire. Assuming you mean the car has no fire (no spark) it could be from many things. We need to know the year, make, model and engine info to help you.

Car is getting fire wont start it does have a blown head gasket it is getting fire what else could it be?

It's overheated, probably. unless you have matches in there

34 In a serious collision there is a chance of your car catching on fire?

he any fuel gets set on fire it will blow try and switch your engine of quickly this stops fuel getting near the spark plugs

Is getting insurance for a classic car any different than getting insurance for a new car?

Getting insurance for a classic car is very similar to getting insurance for a new car. The only difference is that it is more expensive to insure a classic car than a new car.

Why would a car stop running on the freeway and then refuse to start again as if it weren't getting any fuel?

did it give a code ?it might not if it is one of these it could be the fuel pump or not getting no fire. check these two things first.

Why my 84 Chevy Caprice not getting fire?

just because your is stock and the classic caprice grandparent car do you expect it's fire lol

How do you get fire to your trunk latch im not getting any power?

Check the fuses

Could a suburban start on fire while idling?

Any car can start on fire any time. If you tend to smell gas when your around your car it would be in your best interest to have it inspected by a mechanic as soon as possible.

Can car still run if fuel pump is bad?

If the car is not getting any fuel, it will not run.

Your 89 Geo spectrum wont start not getting any fire?

An ignition module problem could be the cause of your 89 Geo Spectrum not starting and not getting any fire. It could also be the pickup coil causing the problem.

Im not getting fire to your spark plugs?

im not getting fire to the spark plugs but the distributor is getting fire what do i do please help

Where can I find information on getting my car windows tinted?

In order to find information on getting your car windows tinted try checking with any local dealership that deals with your car or you can try any local service station which offers service on tinted windows

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