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The boiling point of water is 212 degrees, most vehicles now days operate ftom 205 to 215. A 50% mix of distilled water and antifreeze will extend the the boiling point to 265 degrees at sea level. If you go up in elevation the boiling point will decrease, so make sure you have a known good or new radiator cap to prevent premature water boiling in higher elevations

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Q: Why is the water boiling over in your car but it is not marking hot?
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Will boiling water damage my car tires?

Boiling water will not damage your car tires. It is a method used to remove stubborn rims that have stuck from the car tires.

Why is the water coming out the overflow hose when the car gets hot?

The thermostat could be bad not opening when the temperature reaches the opeing stage and the water is boiling back over to the tank and over flowing....

Will alcohol added to water keep it from freezing?

Anything dissolved in water will lower the freezing point of the water. Alcohols such as propylene glycol and ethylene glycol are used as antifreeze in cars. They also elevate the boiling point and keep the car from boiling over when they get hot.

Why are you not supposed to de frost your car with boiling water?

boiling water freezes faster than cold...i dont know why but it does

Why does a frozen car windscreen crack when boiling water is poured on it?


What does an increase in pressure on the surface of water do to the boiling point?

It will raise the boiling point. This why, for example, car radiators have a pressure cap. This causes a rise in the boiling point of the water and it is less likely to boil.

Is boiling water in a kettle is conduction?

Black car gets hotter than the silver car?

Can you use boiled water in car batteries?

No, boiling water only kills the germs and bacteria in the water. It does not remove minerals. Use only distilled water in a car battery.

With no thermostat in my car it doesn't over heat but has no heat put a thermostat in it still has no heat but over heats why?

if it has a plastic impeller inside water pump it may be broke or faulty thermostat .check by boiling in water till temp its suppose to open

How do I open a frozen car door?

Put luke-warm water on it. Boiling water will crack glass.

Does adding antifreeze to a car radiator increase the boiling point of the water in the radiator?


If there was an ice storm and you wanted to get in your car or turn it on how would you do that?

Pour hot water (not boiling) over the key hole and door seams, gain access immediately and turn on defroster and turn heat

How often should you change my thermostat in my car?

when the thermostat will not open when placed in a cup of boiling water

What are some examples of common everyday chemical and physical reactions?

physical = water boiling, freezing water Chem = burning paper, starting a car

Why does your car not over heat even though there is no water in the radiator?

I tell u exactly why that is try this yourself take boiling water on your stove. Get it to boiling temp and hold a thermometer above the steam and take a reading notice it is much lower and then drop the thermometer into the boiling water, much higher rite???? Big difference in measuring steam temperature and direct hot water.... Just like your coolant temprature sensor it has to be submerged in coolant to get true reading ..when in fact you are over heating basically cooking your engine its just that your sensor is just not able to detect that you are cause it is reading steam temprature which in no way good for any car to be that hot especially if it is alunimum eninge it can cause major damage. and that is the best answer to your question. Thank you n have a nice day

How can one unfreeze their car locks?

There are many ways one can unfreeze their car locks. One can unfreeze their car locks by using a product such a a de-icing spray or pouring boiling water on them.

Does antifreeze help keep your car running cooler?

Yes. The purpose of anti-freeze/coolant in twofold. It keeps the coolant from freezing and keeps the engine coolant from boiling over. Modern engines run at temperatures above the boiling point of water. Anti-freeze helps raise the boiling point above 212 degrees thus preventing overheating. Always add a 50/50 mix of the correct anti-freeze for your application and distilled water. Never use tap water and never run an engine without anti-freeze.

How can you tell if your thermostat is not working on a 1995 dodge neon?

Take off the radiator cap of the car. Start it up and watch the temp guage. when the car starts getting warm look in the radiator and see if you have water flowing. If not that is a sign it's bad. The other way is to take out the thermostat go inside and get some water boiling set the bottom of the thermostat in the boiling water, if it doesn't pop out then it is bad.

What causes a bubbling noise under the hood of a car when you turn it off?

Most likely it is coolant getting to hot and boiling over, car is most likely overheating. Check for fluid under car, and temperature gauge.

5examples of meton0my?

Boiling a kettle Unbuttoning his chest Drinking a water bottle Filling the car with gasoline Picking raspberry bushes

Is there any difference between boiling point of water and blood?

Yes, for many reasons, just a few of which are: water is a compound and blood is a mixture the water component of blood also has compounds dissolved in it (water-based solutions have higher boiling points than water itself...this is why the water/antifreeze solution in your car doesn't boil at 100° C).

What is aquaplaning when driving?

you may mean hydroplaning, and it refers to the times were your car "skis" over the water causing you to have no control over anything your car does.

How do you fix the temperature Gauge on a Cutlass Supreme 1992 when is marking hot?

If the gauge is reading hot and the car is running normal temperatures, the water temperature sensor needs replaced.

What goes over the and under the but never touches the water?

A car

What can you use to prevent your child seat marking the leather car seat?

You can't.