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Why is the word clarity necessary for thought clarity?


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February 06, 2008 11:17AM

A Human Mind is bunch of thoughts. Thought clarity must be there in order to be successful and get 100 percent results. It is more systematic and professional way to implementations of the things at right time, right place and right person. A person need to to know about 'what to do' , 'how to do', 'why to do' n 'when to do'.Untill n unless you are not clear of what exactly you want to achieve in life, you cannot be successful( success will be sure but time span is unsure). With Tought clarity one can progress towards success within lesser time by managing time effectly. Thought Clarity n Time management are the key things for todays' generation... this is reason for young people getting on higher positions ( in terms of achievement and recognition) at their young age. Start differentiating your thoughts vertically, horizontally as well.