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Be sure you are running the right grade of fuel. If your octane is too low; you are asking for tapping. Could be a worn oil pump not getting the oil up top.

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What is the dwell on a 350?

I set my 350 olds to 30 at 2000rpm

How much torque does a 94 z28 camaro have?

325 @ 2000rpm

What is the RPM of C240 engine?

the rpm of a c240 engine is 2000rpm

What is the correct oil pressure for a 1997 s10 6cyc?


Chevy S10 stalls at 2000Rpm when driving?

Replace the fuel filter.

What should the oil pressure be in a 1999 2.8 passat?

At least 29psi at 2000rpm.

What is the horse power of a 1994 Chevy Camaro?

275hp@5000rpm 300fpt@2000rpm

Picture of landrover turbo diesel engine?

how do you get the turbo on the td5 110 to come in below 2000rpm advise please thankyou ross how do you get the turbo on the td5 110 to come in below 2000rpm advise please thankyou ross

Is a John Deere 318 2000RPM rear PTO the same shaft size and spline number as a 6 spline 540RPM standard PTO?

No, it is not. A 2000RPM rear PTO shaft has a 1 inch by 15 spline yoke

How much oil pressure should a Chevy 4.3 have?

6psi(41kpa) @1000rpm, 18psi(124kpa)@2000rpm

1989 evinrude 50hp outboardstarts and runs finebut it will not go over 2000rpm?

try spark arrest

What is normal oil pressure on the jeep 2.5 L engine?

about 20psi at idle (warm) and 40 to 50psi at 2000rpm.

How many Kilometers on an empty tank for Vw golf?

Through measured driving, changing gear at 2000rpm, you can manage 62km.

What does Nm stand for in a car?

First and foremost NM stands for (Newton Meter) or a Torque wrench. So, NM or KGM are units of torque. For example, 130NM@2000rpm means the vehicle delivers max torque of 130NM(Newton Meter) at 2000rpm. It can also be written as 130KGM (Kilogram Meter). I hope this information answers your question.

What cause a 3.8L V6 FordT-bird to idle at 2000RPM?

i would look at the throttle positioning sensor.If its not that check for a vacuum leak.

Why does your vauxhall frontera 2.5tds not rev properly after 2000rpm?

Most likely to be the number 1 injector. It has electrics bult in. Get the codes read first though.

You have a 96 silverado it idles high while in park 1500-2000rpm but in drive or reverse it goes to 1000rpm?

My '95 did the same thing. It was the Throttle position sensor.

Top speed of zx2 Ford Escort 2000?

I have a 2000 ford escort zx2 its stock and i have hit 120mph with 2000rpm left till redline it auto tranny.

What is the engine rpm's on a 2000 Toyota Avalon XLS at 50 60 70 mph?

50mph: Approx 2000rpm 60mph approx 2400rpm 70mph Btween 2700-3000rpm

What is the horsepower for a 1979 ford bronco with a 400m?


Why does your 2005 f-350 idle down in 1st gearmanual when over 2000rpm?

It should idle down, add more detail and ask again,. I may know the reason.

What is a good ECU for a 2002 Subaru Forester to lower peak torque to around 2000rpm and what other effects could the unit have on the vehicle?

You could put it in N out of D an the rpms will lower.

What is the timing on a 1983 Yamaha tri moto 125?

15° BTDC @ 2000 rpm. Remove crank case cover. Connect timing light to the spark plug lead wire. Start engine and run at 2000rpm using a tachometer to monitor correct rpm. Upon each strobe of the timing light, ensure the stationary marker point on the crankcase is lining up with the center mark on the magneto flywheel. If the marks are out of alignment check the woodruff key for damage and/or crankshaft for damage.

What is gthe top speed of a Ferguson TEA20 Tractor?

On average, at 2000rpm with 11.2-28's, about 21kmph. If larger 12.4's are added, perhaps 23kph, if the governor is overridden, and/or a foot accelerator is fitted, with the adjustment overriding the governor, the tractor can get up to 32kph at 3000rpm. With a Sherman Combo transmission added, the tractor is capable of 34kph at 2000rpm and up to 51kph at 3000rpm. On average a basic tractor with no additions is capable of 21kph, the cruising speed with the combo transmission is about 40kph at 2300rpm.

What if your engine sputters at 2000rpm?

Could be an ignition coil breaking down at high revs. or the points gap could also be closing at high rev. due to points bouncing..set the dwell at the higher rating Andy