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You've got yourself a bad heater core, I am sad to say. Or the door sills are full of leaves/debris.

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โˆ™ 2004-12-02 05:59:31
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Q: Why is water coming into the front passenger compartment floor of a Monte Carlo LS even though the windows are closed?
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How does a occupant cell work?

It directs the enegry of a crash around the passenger compartment to reduce injuries the the passenger and it is made to hold it shape and prevent the part of the frame that is absorbing the impact from coming into the passenger compartment.

What is cabin filter?

Filter installed in some vehicle to filter the air coming into the passenger compartment.

What will cause leaking on passenger side floor and condensation on the windows on a jeep Cherokee other than a heater core?

Water on the floor that is not coming from the heater core is coming either from rain water leaking around a windshield seal or one of the firewall seals where hoses, wires or other components enter from the engine compartment.

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Where is the computer on a 1999 Ford Explorer?

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Is it best to leave your windows open or closed during a tornado?

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Can the heater core in 1997 Dodge Intrepid leak coolant without the coolant coming into the passenger compartment?

Yes, it could come out of the ac drain on the passenger side.Yes, it could come out of the ac drain on the passenger side.

Where is the fuel filter for the 1997 KIA Sportage located?

looking from front bumper into engine compartment it is passenger side of engine,kinda below fuse/battery compartment next to oil filter.Black looking cylinder with 2 hoses coming out.

Where is water coming from on 2002 grand prix?

If you have water entering the passenger compartment, especially on the passenger side front floorboard, the A/C condensation drip tube is possibly plugged with road tar. Running the A/C produces moisture that has to go somewhere, and when it cannot, it backs up into the passenger compartment. One symptom is foggy windows and a swampy damp smell inside the car. Next time you get an oil change, walk out to the guy doing the work and ask if he'll check the condensation tube. If he says yes, make sure you slip the guy a few bucks.Good Luck : )

Water coolant coming out of the floor blower?

Your heater core is leaking. This is the part of your car that creates heat for the passenger compartment of your car. There is no fix for a leaking heater core except to replace it.

Olds Aurora 2001 water leak?

My question, I didn't finish. Water intrusion into battery storage compartment in rear seat, which spreads to passenger side floor mats. Where's it coming from?

What are the side effects if your car has exhaust leak?

If the exhaust leak is allowing the fumes to come into the passenger compartment of the vehicle then you could very well get carbon monoxide poisoning. Very bad headaches, dizzyness, nausea, apathy, loss of consiousness which will cause an accident, and from prolonged exposure without relief; death. Fix the leak. If it is not coming into the passenger compartment then it will cause excessive noise and probably get you a ticket. Fix the leak.

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What does it mean when you smell antifreeze coming through the vents of your car?

Bad heater core >>> Check for coolant on the passenger side front, just under the glove compartment floor. Bad head gasket >>> Check for coolant mix with the motor oil.

Where is the speed sensor on a 2007 Ford Escape?

if you have cruise try the gray/black wire coming from the cruise control module, in the engine compartment... it should be on the passenger side fire wall, it will also have a black cable going to the engine throttle body.

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