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crysler (Dodge is owned by crysler) is notorious for bad transmissions so you might need to get another

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Q: Why is your 1992 Dodge Dynasty transmission not switching gears?
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How many gears does a dodge neon 2.0 have?

Automatic Dodge Neons had a 3-speed automatic transmission.

What are the typical symptoms of a car needing transmission flush and fluid replenishment?

There are a number of symptoms that signify a car needing transmission flush and fluid replenishment. These include transmission grinding, problems switching gears, and slipping gears.

Where do you find the gear box on a 1993 Dodge Dakota?

I think what your talking about is you final drive gears. They are in your differential. You also have a gears in your transmission.

Where on a tow trucks are the gears?

Transmission gears? In the transmission.

2000 dodge ram van 1500 which sensor on transmission controls the shifting gears?

try the transmission ouput speed sensor

What kind of ATF do you use on a dodge dynasty?

ATF+3 or the newer ATF+4 ONLY!!!!! Using Dexron/Mercon or ATF will cause problems with the transmission and due to there not having the proper additives for the correct lubrication of the gears and can cause the transmission to 'burn up'.

Why does the 05 impala shift hard when switching gears?

The most common reason for an automobile transmission to shift hard is low transmission fluid. Make sure the transmission fluid is at the appropriate level.

Why would the transmission grind on a 88 dodge colt?

The transmission might grind on an '88 Dodge Colt because it is very low on transmission fluid. It might also grind because the gears are damaged or stripped.

Why is your auto trans only working if you go through the gears?

Gears is what transmission is for. No gears. No transmission!

Why won't my dodge charger change into any gears?

either the shifter cable needs adjusted or the transmission has gone out.

Do Mitsubishi Eclipse final gears fit a dodge neon transmission?

yes it does , i had a friend do it and he had more top end

How may gears does a C4 transmission have?

A c-4 transmission has 3 gears.

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