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"Why is your Breather tube for the transfer case blowing out Transmission Fluid in your 1998 Chevy SIlverado Z71?" Check the level of fluid, it is most likely overfilled. Heat will expand the fluids, that's why there is a certain fill point. The breather tube is to let air out from the expansion of fluid, and to let air back in when fluid cools. "Hence" A Breather Tube 70 GTO Judge And a whole lot of other GMs

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Q: Why is your Breather tube for the transfer case blowing out transmission fluid in your 1998 Chevy Silverado Z71?
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Why would a 1997 Chevy Silverado automatic shift hard it is full of fluid?

There is a problem with the transmission, And the computer see's it and put the transmission into the FAIL SAFE MODE to stop it from blowing apart.You need to quit driving it and get it to a transmission shop ASAP.

Where is the best place to troubleshoot a Kubota tractor?

L295DT oil level increaseing , blowing out valve breather

Why would the ECM fuse on a 2002 Silverado keep blowing?

Short some where.

Why is your polaris scrambler transmission vent line blowing out transmission fluid?

If a Polaris Scrambler transmission vent line is blowing out transmission fluid the fluid may have been overfilled. Putting the transmission fluid in the wrong plug can also cause this.

Oil blowing through breather in Toyota 5k?

Check oil level on dipstick, oil could be over serviced.

Why does my 1997 Chevy silverado pickup shift hard after it is warmed up good?

It sounds like the TRANSMISSION has gone into what is called the FAIL SAFE MODE. You need to STOP driving it and have the transmission scaned with an obdII engine scanner. The computer / PCM / power train control module a problem in the transmission and puts the transmission in the fail safe mode to keep it from blowing apart.

How much transmission fluid does a 2003 dodge neon hold?

Just had to fill my Transmission after blowing a line it took 5 Quarts

1993 ford f 150 6 oil is blowing back through breather hose?

Blow-by Engine is getting tired Excessive engine wear bad rings

Why is the breather side of the valve cover keep blowing smoke on your 1986 Chevy caprice?

That is because the compression ring on the piston/pistons are bad and need to be replaced. Time for engine overhaul.

Rebuilt ford 302 with about 600 miles on it Why does it keep blowing out all engine gaskets and blowing oil smoke out the tail pipes when valve cover breather and pcv are ok?

Sounds like your oil drain passages in the motor are blocked up. When the oil is getting pumped up it is unable to drain back down and is blowing out your seals and burning up the oil.

My air conditioning in 1500 Chevy silverado is working and blowing but it wont come out my vents?

i had the same problem .. i got frion and put it in and it worked fine

Why is your 93 Chevy pickup shifting so rough?

Sounds like there is a problem in the transmission and the computer has put the transmission into the FAIL SAFE MODE to keep it from blowing apart. Stop driving it and get it to a transmission shop ASAP.

What can you do if you press on the gas pedal and the car won't run as you expect but the engine is blowing more?

Check your Transmission fluid level.

What is the problem when the 2001 Allison transmission in th HD2500 slams into gear Can it be repaired?

The transmission has gone into the fail safe mode, to keep it from blowing apart.There is a mayjor problem in the trans. or computer system.Stop driving it and get it to a trained transmission man/shop. NOW.

Can you tow your Isuzu Rodeo 4wd on a dolly behind your RV?

Yeah just make sure you have it in neutral. I've heard of people leaving a manual transmission in gear and trying that and actually blowing up the transmission.

Why is the fuse blowing on your 1989 Volvo 245 overdrive circuit?

Probably because of the missing insulation from the wire leading from the solonoid on the transmission, causing the bare wire to contact a metal surface, thus creating a short circuit and blowing the fuse.

Why would the transmission fluid be blowing out before the front seal of a 1993 Chevy s-10?

The torque converter may be cracked.

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Why is your 99 Mercury Cougar blowing transmission fluid out the dip stick?

You may want to check to see if the transmission line that runs underneath your battery is pinched. We recently had the same experience, and it was determined that when the battery was replaced, the transmission line was pinched because it sits directly underneath the battery.

What would cause oil to blow out the oil breather on a 92' Harley Davidson Fatboy?

I have a 92 Tour Glide that was doing the same thing. It is most likely the oil pump check valve is either bad, stuck, or has build up of gunk on it. I took the external breather off and ran a long hose from it straight up, with the bike running and the breather on the end of the hose until it stopped blowing out. Then I changed my oil. Hope this helps. There is a Plug by the back push rods, remove the plug there is a screen under the plug. Clean the screen and reinstall it. this will fix you problem.

If a 1991 Acura Legend is losing transmission fluid but it is not leaking out where could it be going?

If your transmission has a vaccume shift modulator, the Engine will suck the transmission fluid out & sometimes if the modulator is real BAD U will have smoke coming out of the exhaust pipe. If this is an automatic, and the car is blowing some white smoke, the diaphragm in the transmission modulator is bad. If this is the case, you will have to replace the whole modulator.

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