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it could be a lot of things. start by checking your throttle position sensor and/or your spark plugs and spark plug wires. if you have a check engine light, you could take the car to auto zone and have them check for engine codes.

Remember to check your air filter too. You may be surprised! (simply remove the airfilter and check if the performance improves. If it does, change the filter).

If you have dual point injection, then try this. I had the same issue twice and both times I resolved it by spraying throttle body cleaner into throttle body and wiping the sensor clean..You have to hold the "butterfly" open while doing this

Check the Codes by yourself. Reach under the glove box, grab the 2 sets of wires/plugs tucked up inside there. one has a two prong, one has 4. if you put a paper clip in the two prong and turn the ignition to ON (don't start the car) the CEL will flash all the codes.

Most common issue will be a lack of vacuum, and or Ignition wire, plugs cap and rotor. for the rough uneven idle.

from Turbointivic:

DO NOT TRY THE ABOVE!!!! if you do not know what you are doing dont try to clean your throttle plate/body. you need to make sure it is throttle body cleaner for fuel injection, you also need to be careful to not have the overspray or overflowing liquid get onto the exhaust manifold or anything hot because it is extremely flamable.

not sure what you mean by uneven idle. if the rhythm of the idle is off it may be misfiring, this could be caused by the ignition components like sparkplugs, plug wires, distributor cap, distributor rotor, ignition coil, or the whole distributor.

if the idle goes up and down, the most common problem maybe your IACV (idle air control valve)

but like stated before it could be numerous things and only by running a series of tests will you be able to find out. if you are knowledgeable with cars then try to see if you can eliminate the above issues, if not take it to a mechanic you can trust and have them check it out.

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Q: Why might a 1995 Honda Civic engine idle unevenly?
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The check engine light will come on. And u might see a lower mpg rating

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you might die from carbon monoxide

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I think it might be 0.30

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Forums for the Honda Civic 1992-1995, can be found on many places. Places such as car selling websites or car building websites are a great place to start.

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If the starter is turning over on the 1989 Honda Civic but the engine is not getting gas, the problem is more likely the fuel pump than the injectors. Clogged injectors might cause difficult starts but a damaged fuel pump will cause the vehicle to receive no fuel at all.