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Why might a 1998 S-10 Blazer 231 V6 engine hiss around the intake manifold head joint near the front of the engine behind the air compressor after shutting down if no steam is present outside the engine or from the exhaust on start up?


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2005-09-22 00:12:54
2005-09-22 00:12:54

it may be one of your vacuum lines leaking and returning to the atmosphereic pressure The hissing noise could also be coming from an exhaust emissions part. This part is located on the fron right portion of the motor. I dont know the exact name but it attaches to the motor exhaust with two bolts, feel around this part when running, and see if it is leaking any exhaust from it.


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A manifold leak is usually in reference to a failure of the intake manifold gasket. It can leak air, oil or coolant. It can leak to the outside of the engine or internally into the engine. A manifold leak may also refer to the Exhaust manifold that is leaking exhaust fumes from a bad gasket or a crack in the manifold.

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It is connected to the pipe off the exhaust manifold in the bottom outside of the car.

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Air pressure difference between the heat at the manifold and the relative cold outside. The manifold can get very hot, which increases pressure towards to outer, cooler, opening. Also, the pressure of more exhaust gas being pump into the manifold from continued combustion from the engine.

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It could just be condensation which forms in the exhaust system outside of the engine, or you could be leaking coolant into your engine (typically via the head or intake manifold gasket).

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No, there is one on the exhaust manifold near engine and the second one is just past the catalytic converter. Two total.

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