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Why might a 2000 Honda Civic have had 5 owners in 4 years?


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2006-04-04 19:27:52
2006-04-04 19:27:52

It could be a number of things, such as the previous owners bought the car, then couldn't afford it, or they wanted to get a new car, or they just didn't want it anymore. Ask the dealer if he knows the reasons. Don't buy a car if you are hesitant about it, it's a big thing to jump into. Then there's the "Yellow Peril" -- It might just be a "Lemon". It might have been subject to a flood early in it's vehicle life and is slowly going batty from incremental electrical malfunctions. (And thereby driving the owners batty, too) Perhaps someone died in it and the smell becomes annoying on wet, dreary days. Then again, all five of the previous owners may have hit the Lottery...


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Per Honda Civic manual, at every 3 years independent of mileage !

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You need to specify the year. The civic has been around for 20+ years. Generally check the owners manual as it is outlined in detail how to replace filters, oil, etc..

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The Honda Civic was produced from the years 1973 to present in Japan and in the United States. In a 2001 Honda Civic the A/C dryer is located next to the A/C compressor.

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EK on a Honda Civic refers to the years (1996-2000) the car was made. It is also referred to as the sixth generation Honda Civics. These are all hatchbacks.

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