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They should have flushed the lines and cooler when they put it in. Was this done?

AnswerChrysler products REQUIRE MOPAR ATF+ Transmission Fluid only. it is possible that the wrong fluid was put in. this is extremely common.

are we asuming its a Chrysler its not because of flushing or because of fluid.more than likely something internal of the trans is cominig apart friction disc,converter friction disc, maybe major mecanical failure of metal hardparts in side the transmission.dirt and stuff stuck inside the filter espcialy if its plugged is generally the sign of a trans.starting to ware extensivly in side

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Q: Why might the transmission filter be clogged?
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How do you change the automatic transmission filter on a 1993 Honda Accord?

You don't. Most Honda transmission have a non-serviceable filter that is located inside the transmission. The transmission must be disassembled to get at the filter. It is designed to last the life of the transmission. By the time the filter is clogged, the transmission needs overhauling.

Does a 2005 corolla have transmission fluid filter?

Yes, I just had a clogged filter for my 05 corolla changed along with the filter.

What causes a transmission to slip on 1999 ford explorer xls?

Low of A/T fluid, clogged filter, or worn bands.Low of A/T fluid, clogged filter, or worn bands.

Why does car jerk when you accelerate from a stop?

low transmission fluid clogged fluid filter

Why won't my transmission shift into overdrive?

One of the reasons a transmission might not shift into overdrive could be a problem with the belt drive inside the transmission. Belt drives can be stretched over time. Another reason could be that the transmission fluid is low or very old or the filter is clogged.

Can you drive your car if the car is jerking?

no because your car can die or the transmission might slip. you can have a clogged Fuel Injectors , your fuel filter can be dirty and need to be replaced. In so rare cases if your car is jerking to hard it can resulted in a bad transmission.

What would cause your 2002 silverado 4.8 to run rough under load?

What might cause your 2002 Silverado 4.8 to run rough under a load could be clogged fuel injectors or a clogged fuel filter. It might also run rough under a load because of a transmission sensor issue.

Would a clogged transmission filter cause a car to not switch gears?

Yes. If problem persists after dropping the transmission pan, replacing the filter and fluid (approx 4 qts) then you need your transmission scanned at a reputable transmission shop that has a good scanner to read any codes your transmission has set.

What would cause your 98 ford contour transmission to slip?

1. Low transmission fluid. Check this first. 2. Old transmission fluid and clogged filter. 3. Worn clutches inside transmission.

Why will my lawn mower start but won't stay running?

You might have a sticking float. Might also check the fuel filter - it might be clogged.

94 blazer 4.3 cpi won't stay running?

might be a clogged fuel filter

Magna Automatic transmission jerks into third gear?

Check the transmission fluid first to make sure that its full. If the transmission is high mileage then it might need a filter and fluid change. If the Filter is ok then the transmission might need a rebuild.

Why wont a 1984 Chevy s-10 shift gears?

Most likely causes are low transmission fluid level, dirty transmission fluid, or clogged transmission fluid filter.

What is wrong if a car starts but will not accelerate or reverse and when you restart it it does it again?

Check the transmission fluid level. If it is ok, then the filter may be clogged. If not, then it will need to be taken to a transmission shop.

Why does my 87' Honda CRX die at stops and low idle?

Your 1987 Honda CRX might die at stops and have a low idle because of clogged fuel injectors or a clogged fuel filter. Sometimes a clogged air filter will also cause these problems.

Why want an automatic transmission shift to third gear?

Your transmission's filter may be clogged, you may be low on transmission fluid, or the transmission may need repair or replacement. If the transmission was full of fluid, I would suggest a transmission flush, or replacing the transmission filter and fluid. If this doesn't help the transmission may actually be damaged and may need repair or replacement.

When you take off your transmission is stuck in low gear is the transmission bad?

Does it stay stuck in first gear? or does it change and when it changes does it seem to wanna slip... if it does shift and it shifts smoothly it might be the kick down lever that's going to the transmission... sometimes they can become rusty making the vehicle shift at much higher RPMs then normal, making you think that its the transmission. If its not that then it might be the bands, or servos... im not a transmission exspert, but I do know somethings about them... Also, it might be the filter... sounds weird, I know, but always check fluid levels and filter as well, a clogged filter or old fluid can make the transmission seem bad, when its actually just the fluid and filter... lots of things to consider... thanks, hope ive helped.

Automatic transmission troubleshooting no drive?

Change the filter, flush transmission, fresh filter and fluid' walla it might work! We did this,and still no drive.

Why does your volkswagen cabrio lack power and feel restricted while accelorating?

Your Volkswagen Cabrio might lack power and feel restricted while accelerating because it has a clogged fuel filter or clogged air filter. It might also lack power because there is water in the fuel.

What is a restricted fuel filter?

A fuel filter that is clogged.

3speed auto wont shift into drive unless motor is turning hi rpms or until tranny oil is hot?

Possibly a Clogged transmission filter. Change the fluid and filter.

Why won't 1988 new yorker downshift?

It sounds like your having a transmission problem. There is a lot of things that could cause this in a transmission, including a bad siloniood or it could be a clogged filter.

How do you replace the trans filter and where is it located on a 1999 cougar?

the location of the transmission filter is inside the transmission and in order to replace the filter you need to drop the transmission and open it. the filter is not in the transmission pan like most older cars and can not be changed by some one that dosent know a little about how to rebuilt a might be better to get the transmission flushed.

Will a clogged fuel filter cause your car to start run for a second and die?

It sure will. When you suspect a clogged filter, replace it.

Why is the filter clogged easily?

Depend what filter you are referring to. A filter being clogged is the whole point of having one; it is to filter out impurities rather than let them damage the machine they are protecting.