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If it won't work from either switch suspect motor or regulator, if it works from one switch then it is most likely the switch.

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Q: Why passenger power window won't work?
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Where is the passenger side power window fuse on a 2000 Toyota Sienna?

There is only one fuse for all power windows. If only the passenger side window does not work, the problem is either with the passenger window switch or the motor on that window.

Why does the Power window on the passenger side not work after both switches have been replaced?

power window moter is bad.

Why wont your power windows work on your astro van?

A bad power window motor is the most common reason for a power window not to work. A blown fuse is the second most common reason for a power window not to work.

How to repair power window in 2000 Ford Ranger passenger window will not work with either drivers button or passenger button the relay does not make any clicking noise either What is wrong?

How to repair power window in 2000 Ford Ranger passenger window will not work with either drivers button or passenger button the relay does not make any clicking noise either What is wrong?

Why does only your Kia Sportage passenger power window works?

there is a disable button on driver door so other windows wont work. Try clicking it in the other direction.

Why doesn't the passenger side power window work on my 2000 F150?

Your switch is bad or the window motor has gone out

What do you check for in 2002 solara if the power window does not work?

2000 Solara passenger power window. Are the fuses separate for the windows? Left works right does not with no power to the drivers switch for the right side.

The front passenger and rear driver passenger power window stoped workingI check all the fuses and they are working. the rest of the window work perfect what would be the solution to this problem?

I would replace the master window switch

How do you fix the passenger power window on a Honda Civic it is the only one that does not work also how do you fix the fuel gauge from sticking so you can tell exactly how much fuel is left?

passenger window does not work getting power when i press the switch getting power on both sides of wire tested motor works

Why won't my power windows work?

I tried replacing the window switch , this isnt the problem all windows still wont work.

Why does the drivers side window work but not the passenger side?

2007 Saturn ion passenager window wont go down replaced motor door switch & driver side main switch

What causes the power window on passenger door not work but the others do?

It could be the window regulator which usually runs around $40 or the switch which runs around $8

Power windows wont work on a 1999 Cadillac eldorado?

Replace power window relay.Located under drivers side scuff plate.

Honda civic passenger window wont go up or down. Already replaced driver and passenger side master control panels.?

Check the window fuses. They are located underneath the driver side kick panel. If the fuses are blown the windows will not work.

Why does only drivers side power window control work The control on the drivers side will open the passenger window but none of the window controls on the other windows work?

you probably just need a new switch you probably just need a new switch

Why wont my power window on the drivers side go up on my Chevrolet impala?

Bad switch (jump wires to see if you can get it to work) Bad motor - see if you are getting power to it.

Passenger window driver side dont work?

Go to a MECANAIC...

How do you fix 97 vw jetta gls power windows only the front passenger side works?

I have a 97 volkswagon jetta gls 2.0 and three of my power windows do not work. Only the front passenger window works. How do I fix this problem.

Why wont power windows work in 02 explorer?

window moter could be blown. take of your drivers side door pannel and check motor

Why would the passenger power lock power mirror and power window not work along with the door remote entry on a GMC Sierra?

check to be sure your wiring harness for that door is plugged in and not pinched or otherwise damaged

1998 mercury mountaineer power windows wont work at all Fuse is good How do you locate power window relay What else could be wrong?

The 1998 Mercury power window relay switch can be found below the dashboard. The relay switch will be on the drivers side of the dashboard.

On a 1998 Chevrolet Malibu the passenger side power window does not work can you tell me How do you fix it?

You will need to remove the door panel and see if the motor and/or the regulator is bad.

How do you get the front passenger power window to work on a 98 jeep Cherokee sport Motor will go up and down when when you hook it to a battery but it wont work when installed?

If that's the case, you probaly have a bad connection, burned fuse or faulty switch. But you're starting in the right place. You need to check components before you replace them.

Why wont the driver's side power window work and the others do?

could be the motor, could be a ground, could be the switch, could be the types of wiring. First, the question is confusing - Does the driver's power window work, or not work? The question asks a double negative - doesn't not work actually works. Depending on the type of vehicle - usually the motor, possibly the switch. Some vehicles use a controller for each window that "talks" to the others. Do the drivers (master) window switches still work the other windows?

Passenger door window wont work 2002 grand prix?

if the drivers side switch works, but not the pass. side the problem is in the pass. side switch. if nether side works it is usually the regulator