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Why second Saturday is declared as closed holiday by Indian government?

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2011-11-12 12:01:44

First Story:

This practice continues from the British Rule in India since the

East India Company regime. I admit, I don't know the exact reason

why it was started and exactly since when? But most probably, it

may be on account of implementation of some Bye-laws of the

Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association of the East

india Company, when the company started ruling over different

states by and by.

The Government of India, however adopted every such

administrative system, as set up by the British Rule, even after

the independence of India. And the system still continues. However,

in the Prime minstership period of Shri Rajev Gandhi the Central

Government adopted 5 days' week for adminstrative offices (not

operative offices) instead of 6 days' week with every saturday

closed day in Central Government offices on the pattern of the

western countries. Of course it was not as a matter of copying

other countries, but due to depleting foreign exchange resources

due to rising prices of the petroleum products, as India was

depending mostly on the import of crude oil.

Second Story: Its really very interesting reason for the holiday

on second saturday every month.

There was a very sincere assisstant for a british officer during

19th century. He used to go to his hometown to meet his parents

only during holidays. This routine continued for years together. As

the days passed, the assisstant's responsibilities were also

started increasing which made him to work more with lesser

holidays. One day it so happened that the assisstant's parents came

to meet their son. They went to the officer with a request to send

their son on leave. Then that officer came to know the fact that

his assisstant was so much involved in his work and did not find

any free time to meet his aged parents. This situation made the

officer to appreciate the sincerity and loyalty of his assisstant

and declared holiday on second saturday of every month to go to his

hometown. Eversince he made this announcement, the British

government incorporated this rule and announced holiday officially.

This culture has been followed by the Indian government for

specific departments.

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