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Why the stop lights on a Nissan altima 1993 stay on all the time?


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2006-04-13 18:53:35

Check the brake light sending switch. It's usually attached to the brake pedal. If that's not it, check the turn signal switch inside the steering column.


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Maybe your alternator needs replacing.

The reason why the door ajar light stays on in a 1999 Nissan Altima could be due to the door switch being stuck. It is stated to spray WD-40 into the latch and that should fix the problem.

something wrong on the engine get it chek for any codes

After some research it is discovered that while some reviews advise to stay away from certain models of Nissan cars such as Nissan Xterra, other reviews show that in the top 10 the Nissan Maxima and Nissan Altima were the top two cars for reliability.

My 2005 Nissan Altima is doing the same thing. The car has no heat when the car is stopped. You have to be going at a steady pace for it to stay warm. I have had the car looked at, at a Nissan dealership but without paying $800 dollars it can't be fixed..and there is no guerantee that it will work after the work. The dealership guy said he has alot of people complain about the heater in the 2005 Altima. Nissian won't do anything about it he said.

There are pages of things that will turn the check engine light on. You need to have it checked for codes.

May need a new pig tail behind the ignition switch.

my 93 maxima se is doing the same thing, but the fog lights are also on. they dont stay on, they turn themselves on. i do not know what causes this.

First, stick the entire key into it to the ignition and start the engine. When you stick it in, there will be two lights that will either flash or stay solid around it. This will help you to find the second key hole in the 2013 Altima.

In my 1993 Altima, I've had that problem 3 times. Each time, it was the alternator. I used a simple voltmeter check to isolate the problem. Battery voltage should be 12-13 volts without the engine running. When the engine is running, that voltage should increase to 14-16 volts. If the voltage does not increase, your alternator is bad...( NOT! the battery won;t go past 12.6 volts....they dont make them to go that high!}

The brake switch for a Nissan Quest should be under the dash on the brake pedal arm. If the switch goes bad then the brake lights could stay on or not work at all.

Brake Lights do not turn offUsually this is caused by the physical position of the brake light switch not being adjusted properly.

well, this is what my mechanic told me when i had this problem (still have it) with my 1994 Nissan altima: the altima's alternator isn't working well. so, the battery isn't well supplied... Solution: replace the alternator immediately or dont drive the car until u do so less you make things worse. bajah

yes the side lights can stay on

the chime would stay on if the keys are in the ignition (but the car turned off) and if the door is ajar to warn that the lights are still on

It is important to pay attention to the warning lights in a vehicle. The ABS lights stay on because there is an problem that has not been fixed within that ABS system.

A malfunctioning brake light relay switch will cause your 1993 Toyota Corolla brake lights to stay on all the time. The brake light relay switch is located beneath the drivers side dashboard.

lights on my 2001 oldsmoblie alero stay on after car is shutoff

The brake lights may not work on a 1993 Honda Prelude if the brake light switch is no longer working. The brake light switch is in the steering column just above where the brake pedal is bolted to it. There is also a chance that a brake light fuse is blown.

Some of the factors that caused the "check engine" light are: defective oxygen sensors defective air mass meter emmission systems Hope this will help

There is a switch on top of the steering column dead center. You must have accidently turned it on. It's a parking light.

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