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Well at least nn a car, you need a clutch because the engine spins all the time and the car wheels don't. In order for a car to stop without killing the engine, the wheels need to be disconnected from the engine somehow. The clutch allows us to smoothly engage a spinning engine to a non-spinning transmission by controlling the slippage between them...

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Q: Why use a car clutch?
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Is there a clutch on a f1 car?

Yes. A F1 car has a clutch. It is not like a normal clutch that you see in a normal road car. In a normal car when you use the clutch, the engine power does not get transferred to the flywheel and propel the car whereas in a F1 car even when the clutch is used the power gets transferred to propel the car.

What is the use of clutch in car?

so that the driver of a manual car can change gear without stalling

i need chage the clutch of my car?

i need chage the clutch of my car

Do you need to engage clutch to use the brake?

To prevent the car from stalling

How do you engage the clutch on a car?

The clutch pedal.

Can you drive a car with out a throwout bearing?

No, the throw out bearing in a clutch is needed to keep an disengaged clutch spinning. you can drive a car with a bad throwout bearing if you don't use the clutch By "floating the gears". You must disconnect or bypass the start safety switch (this is when you need to have the clutch pedal to the floor to start the moter) so that you can start the car in gear if you come to a complete stop.

Can you drive a car with a frozen ac clutch?

no because you need the clutch to start and stop the car

Will car oil hurt a motorcycle clutch?

yes it will. use motorcycle oil only

How would you fix a really high clutch engagement point What you mean is that the car wont kick in until the clutch is about 95 pulled out?

if there is a clutch adjustment on car, adjust the clutch if no adjustment, you will shortly need to replace the clutch

What is the use of a crutch on manual car?

Hi, i guess you were meaning "clutch". The clutch pedal in a manual car is situated on the left-side of the break pedal. It is pressed down when shifting gears.

1991 240sx what type of fluid do you use for the clutch My pedal goes to the floor. car sitting a while. And where do I replenish it.?

It might be your clutch slave cylinder, It is underneath your car and is only about twelve bucks for a new one.

Why doesn't the clutch pedal disingage the clutch?

low or out of fluid (new car) classic car linkage may have broken

Where is the clutch of a car located?

The clutch of a car is located on the left foot side of the bar. The brake is in the middle and the accelerator is on the right.

Can you push in the clutch and brake without shifting it in neutral?

No. You will stall(or cut-out). This means that the car shuts down and then you have to clutch in and put it into neutral. Then(still on the clutch) turn on the car again.

Can you use car oil in motorcycle engines with wet clutch?

A 2 stroke engine with a wet clutch should use 70weight oil. It is really called gear or manual transmission type oil as the gears are also using this oil. Yes you can use car oil in a 4 stoke bike with a wet clutch but try to find oil that has as little additives as possible.

Where is the clutch in a European car?

Clutch is the left foot pedal in European cars.

Release clutch but car won't go?

The clutch is probably too used

What would cause stick shift to jam when car is on and clutch pressed but shift fine when car is off without stepping on clutch?

sounds like clutch needs adjustment or time to replace it

Can a car still drive without the clutch?

With a little practice you can start a vehicle in 1st gear and shift gears without the use of a clutch. This would be only to get you safely home or to a garage.

Clutch problems on a 1996 Infiniti I30?

The clutch won't go into gear while the car is turned on but it will went the car is turned off

What kind of engine oil for 1975 CB550?

Use a motorcycle specific oil. Designed for a wet clutch. Go to a Honda dealership and purchase their GN-4 oil. 10-w40. Do NOT use car oil. It will ruin your clutch.

What is wrong when you are unable to shift gears and the clutch feels heavy But when the car is off you can shift but then the car dies?

It sounds like something is defective in the clutch pedal linkage, or actually within the clutch itself.

What should you do to replace clutch will not shift in to gears?

I would first check the master cylinder, and slave cylinder. Not knowing anything about the auto, most use hydraulics to release and engage the clutch. A clutch disc will tend to slip when in higher gears when it starts showing signings of wear. Most car companies use dot 3 brake fluid in their clutch systems.

What does Slip the clutch mean?

The driver applies or releases pressure on the clutch to move the car a little or to hold the car in one place on a hill. It's called slipping because the clutch plate slips against the flywheel. This is not good for the clutch.

What is the difference between clutch control and coasting?

Is clutch control using the accelerator and simultaneously using the clutch to control the speed of the car and coasting is when your car is still moving but your foot is off the gas peddle completely but you're of the clutch peddle to slow down????

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