Why was Apple Inc named Apple?

Updated: 8/23/2023
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The history about the name of Apple Inc. is Steve gave his team members one day's time to think about a good name of his company otherwise he will put the company name A for Apple. He got many names at the end of the day but didn't like any one. So next day he named his company Apple.

There are various stories as to why the Apple name was adopted. Some say that it was just a name that did not sound like a techno geeky computer name. Steve Jobs has said that he was on a fruit only diet and declared that if no one came up with a better name he would call the company Apple. No one came up with a better name so it became Apple. Steve Jobs could not call it Apple because The Beatles already had the brand name Apple on there records, and the business name as well. It was taken to the high court in London and Steve jobs liked the name Apple as well as The Beatles. It was settled and Steve Jobs paid 26.5 million dollars to the Beatles company. It did not stop there he had further brushes with The Beatles company about iTunes.

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the company apple got its name by:

Steve jobs was looking for a name for his company APPLE.

he asked his friends everybody was searching for a name.

after a little while Steve jobs told his friends that if it is sunrise

whatever is near me i will keep that thing's name the company's


it was sunrise and Steve jobs was eating an apple, so he kept the company's name


this is how apple got its name!

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This is excerpted from the book Apple Confidential 2.0: The Definitive History of the World's Most Colorful Company (No Starch Press, 2004), how Apple was formed from a club of members to a billion dollar company.

"Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak in March 1, 1976 wanted to start a computer company and they needed a name to register it as incorporation. According to Wozniak, both he and Steve were driving along the Highway 85 between Palo Alto and Los Altos. Steve Jobs came up with a name "Apple Computers" during that trip.

"Steve Jobs was involved with a group of his friends in running a community type of farm in Oregon. He was doing this part time, while working in the Bay Area of San Francisco. Wozniak thinks he might have got this name idea either from the farm or because of his music tastes, Apple Records, which was quiet, popular with Beatles."

Wozniak said this in the book about the name of the company:

"...he (Jobs) said 'I've got a great name: Apple Computer.' Maybe he worked in apple trees. I didn't even ask. Maybe it had some other meaning to him. Maybe the idea just occurred based upon Apple Records. He had been a musical person, like many technical people are. It might have sounded good partly because of that connotation. I thought instantly, 'We're going to have a lot of copyright problems.'"

Both Wozniak and Jobs tried other alternate names such as Executex and Matrix Electronics, but they didn't like it as much as Apple Computers. And the name was born.

Later the company was changed to Apple and dropped the Computers part, after they successfully diversified into iPods and iPhones.

The name of the Apple Company was nothing fancy or glamorous; it was just named after an apple fruit.

(But at least it was not a typo error like in Google, which had its original name as Googol and a student mistook the name and spelled it wrong during registration.)

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because he likes apple

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Q: Why was Apple Inc named Apple?
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Apple Inc. was incorporated January 3, 1977. The company was previously named Apple Computer, Inc.

What was apple inc previously named?

it was named apple because he was working on making a computer with another worker but that worker wanted it to be his way so Steve Jobs wanted to do a computer as well. So he thought about education an apple means education he thought so he named it apple.

Did iTunes steal the Apple logo from the Beatles?

Apple Inc. was reputedly named after Apple Corps, as a kind of tribute. The two are separate businesses. Apple Corps did sue Apple Inc. over trademarking, after Apple Inc. created iTunes; Apple Inc. had previously agreed not to sell music, which was the domain of Apple Corps. Apple Corps lost in court, but the two companies patched things up afterwards. After the original court decision, Apple Computers created a "sound" for its computers called "Sosumi" which, if pronounced slowly, sounds like "So Sue Me". MP

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Yes. Apple Japan, Inc. is one of them.

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apple inc was originally a personal computing company started by Steve jobs and Steve Wozniak. the first computer was the apple I than the Apple II which was followed by the Apple IIs than the Apple III which flopped that was than followed by the LISA which was named after steve jobs' daughter. than the first mac was invented. so all in all apple is a electronics company

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Apple UK just refers to Apple Inc. in the United Kingdom. This is the same as Apple Inc. in the US. They call it Apple UK for currency and legality reasons because that differs in from country to country. Steve Jobs, current is the CEO and Co-Founder of Apple Inc. Apple UK does however, have a UK General Manager named Mark Rogers. He handles everything this side of the pond but is still based in California. You can get hold of him on 408-996-1010.

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