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The main allies in Europe before the start of the Second World War were certain that after the concessions they made to Hitler, he would not force their hands into a war. Up until September of 1939, Hitler had always made demands on European territories, but managed to use his own brand of diplomacy to achieve his means without war. France and England were sure that Hitler would not take the chance of starting a major war. Another factor was the German Soviet Nonaggression Pact of 1939. The secret provisions in the pact gave Hitler the go ahead to invade Poland and France without interference from the Soviet Union.

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Q: Why was Europe unable to prevent World War Two?
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What is the two major Europe alliance?

It depends on what time period you're referring to, as there have been at least four instances where Europe was divided in two alliances:Thirty Years' War;Europe, mainly Western Europe, was split into two sides: Protestants and Catholics.World War I;Europe was split into two major alliances: the Allies and the Central Powers.World War II;Europe was split into two major alliances: the Allies and the Axes.Cold War;Europe was split into two opposing sides: democratic Western Europe and communist Eastern Europe.

Where did World War two take place?

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World War Two in Europe

Why did World War two start in Europe?

I think because of the Holocaust, most of the concentration camps were in Europe.

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I think because of the Holocaust, most of the concentration camps were in Europe.

Similarities between the Europe war and the war in Iraq?

There is no such thing as the Europe War. There were two main wars in Europe in the 19th Century: The First World War and the Second World War.

When did world war 2 in Europe happen?

World War Two began on September 1. 1939. It ended in Europe on May 8, 1945.

World war two was cause by?

World war II was caused by Hitler invading Europe.

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What were the two alliances in Europe before the World War 1?


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The two nations that competed for industrial dominance in Europe was Germany and Great Britain.

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Europe and the Pacific.

Name the two smallest countries in the world both of which are in Europe?

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What were the two fronts in the war in Europe in world war11?

The Eastern and Western Fronts .

What were the two main theatre of war in World War 2?

Europe and The Pacific.

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There were several major battles in Northern Europe in World War II. Two of them were the Invasion of Normandy and the Battle of the Bulge.

Who most supported the League of Nations?

The League of Nation was created in 1920. As most of the destruction in World War One was in Europe, European nations were strong supporters of the League. One of the main purposes of the League was to prevent wars by having international disputes settled by an agreement. The League of Nations could not prevent many conflicts that erupted before World War Two came about.

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Hitler and Mussolini

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