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Vietnam is a communist country because the government controlls everything and they have a central economy. _____ North Vietnam was communist, South Vietnam was not and did not want to be. That, in a nutshell, was what the Vietnam War was about. When all of the western countries pulled out of Vietnam, the North overran the South and both countries were reunified as Vietnam under a communist government based in Hanoi.

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Q: Why was Vietnam a communist country?
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Was north Vietnam communist?

North Vietnam was a communist country at one point of time. North Vietnam stopped being a communist country in 1976.

Is Vietnam a communist country still?

Yes the whole country of Vietnam is still a communist country.

What did north Vietnam gain after winning the Vietnam war?

Communist North Vietnam re-united with the NON-Communist SOUTH Vietnam, creating ONE Communist country; Vietnam.

How long has Vietnam been a communist country?

The entire country of Vietnam became a socialist republic in April 1975. North Vietnam officially became a communist country in 1954.

Did Vietnam become communist?

YES. Vietnam has been a Communist Country for decades.

Was Vietnam communist during the Vietnam war?

During the Vietnam War, North Vietnam was communist, and South Vietnam wasn't. Following the war, the unified country is now communist (and is one of the very few remaining communist nations).

Why was the US in Vietnam War?

To stop communist North Vietnam from taking over the non-communist country of South Vietnam.

What was the Vietnam war out?

Preventing Communist North Vietnam from taking over the Free Non communist country of South Vietnam.

Vietnam a communist country?


What was the final outcome of Vietnam war?

Communist North Vietnam successfully re-united with it's southern half, creating one communist Vietnam country.Unification forthe country of Vietnam.

What are problems that led to the Vietnam War?

The "Cold War" was a battle against communism. North Vietnam was a communist country trying to take over South Vietnam which was NOT a communist country. The US was helping South Vietnam fight North Vietnam so that communist North Vietnam could NOT take it over.

What was the difference between north Vietnam and south Vietnam in the Vietnam war?

North Vietnam was a communist country. The Republic of South Vietnam was a free country.

How was Vietnam changed by the Vietnam War?

It became a communist but united country,

What haappened to Vietnam after the war?

Vietnam became one communist country.

What cause the war of Vietnam?

Communist North Vietnam was trying to take over the non-communist country of South Vietnam. The US fought North Vietnam to stop them.

What was like in Vietnam after the Vietnam War?

The two Vietnams become ONE Vietnam (one country-albeit a communist country).

What was the last country to become communist?


How was Vietnam after their war?

A united communist country.

What is Vietnam now known as?

It is a communist country.

Is Vietnam a communist country now?


What communist country is in North Vietnam?

Since the end of the Vietnam War in 1975, the country has ceased to be divided into north and south sections; it is just one country now. And it has a communist government.

What were Vietnam's goals in Vietnam?

I do not know what goals Vietnam had in Vietnam But the U.S. wanted to keep Vietnam from becoming a communist country.

How did the US get in the war with Vietnam?

we got in the war with Vietnam because it was a communist country.

Why did the US troops join Vietnam?

To fight communism. To stop a communist nation (North Vietnam) from taking over a non-communist country (SOUTH Vietnam).

What happened to the economics after the Vietnam war?

South Vietnam (and N. Vietnam) became ONE communist Vietnam country after the war. There "economics" would be similar to their communist counterparts in the former Soviet Union (Russia), Communist China, etc.