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Why was fire invented?

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when lightning hit a tree or something that can turn to fire

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Who invented fire and when?

No one invented fire, it is a natural phenomenon.

What was invented first fire or the wheel?

Fire is a natural phenomenon and thus it was not invented. on the other hand, fire was definitely discovered by man before the wheel was invented.

Who invented the fire engine?

John Braithwaite invented the first steam fire engine.

Who invented the first fire escape?

Daniel Maseres of England invented the first fire escape.

Who invented the fire extinguisher in 1936?

The fire extinguisher was invented hundreds of years before 1936.

When was fire works invented in the US?

They were invented in china

Were fire crackers invented in the US?

no they were invented in china

Why was the fire extinguisher invented?

because it was to get saved by a fire

Who invented the fire escape?

The fire escape was invented by an English inventor named Daniel Maseres. He invented this safety feature back in 1784.

What did australopithecus invent?

Tehy invented nothing. they did however discover water and fire. fire was not invented, it was discovered.

How did Benjamin Franklin contribute to American society?

He invented the fire station and the library. He invented the fire station and the library.

When fire was not invented?

All the times except the time is was invented.

When did man discover fire?

Fire was invented in the Paleolithic period.

Who created the fire engine?

The fire service was invented by Emperor Augustus in the Roman Era but the fire truck was invented by John Braithwaite between 1829-1830.

Who invented the fire drill?

It's been around since fire.

In what country was the first fire escape invented?

The first fire escape was invented in England in 1784 by Daniel Maseres. Of course, that fire escape was nothing like the type of fire escape that we are familiar with today.

When was fire invented?

When everything began.

When was the fire place invented?


When were fire doors invented?


Who invented fire insurance?

Benajmin Franklin was resposible for the first fire company and fire insurance company.

What did the homo erectus discovered or invented?

Homo erectus people invented fire.

What is a fire ball?

Fire ball is a game invented by joey and chandler in friends

How did early man invent fire?

by rubbing two stones..he invented fire

Who invented the fire alarm?

The first automatic electric fire alarm was invented in 1890 by Francis Robbins Upton none of yur business

Who invented the electric fire?

well since electricity is basically stimulated fire, Thomas Edison invented it while inventing the light bulb

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