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Because the Asian people had small penis's

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Who fought in the Crimean War?

Russia fought the Ottomans.

Where was exactly the crimean war fought?

The Crimean War was fought: On the Crimean Peninsula, Western Anatolia, the Black Sea, Caucasus, the Baltic Sea, the Pacific Ocean and the White Sea.

What were the dates of Crimean War?

The Crimean War was fought between October 1853 - February 1856.

Who did the Ottomans fight in the Crimean war?

The Ottoman Empire fought the Russian Empire in the Crimean War.

The two countries which fought Crimean War?

The two primary factions in the Crimean War were the French Empire and the Russian Empire. The war was fought from 1853 to 1856.

Which of these wars was not fought in the 1700s?

Crimean War

Britain fought in the crimean war?


What Fought In The Crimean War?

the Russia and the Ottomans

Who was the crimean war was fought between?

In the Crimean War Russia fought against an alliance of nations which consisted of Turkey, Great Britain, France, and Sardinia. ---------------------- Russia fought the Ottomans.

What was the crimean war named after?

The "Crimea" the place where the war was fought.

What conflict was the battle of balaclava fought?

The Battle of Balaclava was fought in the Crimean War.

Which war was fought when Florence Nightingale was a nursing in russia?

Crimean War

Which war was fought by France and Britain against Russia?

The Crimean War

How is Alexander II related to the crimean war?

They fought in the same war...

Which countries fought in the Crimean War?

The Crimean War was fought, 1853-56, between Russia and a coalition consisting of Great Britain, France, the Ottoman Empire, and the Kingdom of Sardinia

How many soldiers fought in the crimean war?

over 100500

How many British soldiers fought in the Crimean War?

Out of the 1,000,000 strong army that fought on the belligerents side in the Crimean war there were a total of 250,000 troops that fought throughout the war with just over 21,000 killed either as a result of fighting or disease.

Where did the charge of the light brigade happen?

On the Crimean Peninsular during Crimean War where Britain and France fought Russia

What countries fought in the Crimean War?

The Crimean War included the British Empire, the French Republic, the Ottoman Empire, the Kingdom of Sardinia, and the Duchy of Nassau against the Russian Empire.

Who fought against each other during the Crimean war?

Russia fought against Britain, France and the Ottoman Empire.

What war was going on in Crimea in 1854?

The Crimean War, between Russia and Great Britain. ANSWER The Crimean War was fought between Russia and the coalition formed by Great Britain, France , Turkey and Kingdom of Sardinia.

When was the crimean war?

The Crimean war was fought from October 1853 to March 1856. The Russians lost against other European powers, including the British and French.

How many war did Florence nightingale fought?

She never fought in a war. However, she did participate in the Crimean War, where she greatly improved the quality of British hospitals and saved many lives.

Who fought and won crimean war?

Britain, France, Sardinia, and the Ottoman empire won. Russia lost.

Who fought Russia in the Crimean war?

The French Empire, the British Empire, the Ottoman Empire, and the Kingdom of Sardinia .

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