Why were fifteenth century Europeans so eager to find a sea route to East Asia?

Aballach and ,Aafke, wanted to make lots of money.
In the start, Aafke just wanted to stay at home. With Abban.
Abban was 8, and Abban was sad. He fed all his clothes to his horse.
He was full of fur. Itchy cold fur.
He felt so sad, that he just went to his best friends house. And he stayed with him, day and night for 4 nights. All he did, was sit in the corner, eat and sleep.
His parents didn't miss him.
Therefore, they left,
the reason they did so, (here's your answer)
They wanted an easier, shorter way to the riches of the Indies.
When Abban came home, after his long visit
he saw that no one was home.
He waited til he realized that his parents, died. (He only thought that, it wasn't true.)
When he thought this, he lost all hope in them. After 20 years, when he was 28, he heard about his parents, in East Asia, rich famous, he was on a tour, in East Asia, when he heard that they were only letting in family members, and if someone found their "long lost son" they would get a fortune of gifts.
He quickly told his family to hurry with him.
Afka, Abban's wife, Afke, (named after her grandmother) and Abban ran to where Afke and Aballach were staying.
When Abban saw his parents, he was filled with joy. His parents made a mocking laugh saying "Sir, our boy is dead! We gave him all his clothes to do laundry outside. But we also told him he's supposed to feed them to his horse! He was in itchy clothing, cold, filled with holes, ugly clothing. Then we secretly abused him, spitting on his pillow, ripping his toys, slamming his face on the counter and saying it was a accident, then, he just vanished! He was the only excuse for my wife to stay in the house instead of leaving the long journey."
Abban was shocked. His joy drifted away in a second.
His mother started a sentence "We only announced he be welcome if someone found him, because we find the fun to tell people our story. They bring their kids, saying it's ours! We hang them, and show the youngest of kids in the family the worst, their own father being killed, isn't that hilarious?"
Abban got scared, then mad, then frustrated. He told them his story, " "Father". "Mother". Thank you for telling me my story. You are now nothing to me. I have been in Koban's house for 4 days, and when I return you are gone. Finally, 20 years pass. You tell me this. My past has been revealed."
His parents, with fear and calmness in their eyes said " Give us proof"
He said "You cooked potatoes beans tomatoes and carrots on weekends, and fed me one slice of a carrot on weekdays. I wore black and blue clothes up til the horse ate them."
His parents, scared, let go. They were no longer visited, and felt ashamed.