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coil springs and independent suspension replaced leaf springs to give a better and smoother ride

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Q: Why were leaf springs replaced by coil springs and or independent suspension systems?
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What kind of springs does a suspension system use?

Suspension systems use both coil springs, generally around a shock absorber, and leaf springs.

What are the types of springs used in the suspension systems?

Coil springs. Leaf springs. Torsion bar.

What is the major difference between rear suspension and front suspension systems?

the major difference is all of the moving parts in the front that turn the wheels. the back is usually just shocks or struts and springs, whereas the front has tie rods, control arms, ball joints, etc. that move with the steering wheel as well.

Technical advantage of leaf spring in bogie suspension?

we can put more load on the vehicle which is fitted with Bogie suspension compare toother suspension systems.

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What do struts and shocks have in common?

They are both used in the suspension systems of vehicles.

Where can I get some Koni shock?

You may purchase koni shocks at Suspension Brands or I hope this helps you.

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94 Toyota 4Runner 4wd v6 5spd the rear is sagging is there anything you can do to level it out without expensive full suspension systems?

A cheap and easy thing I did was to buy rear helper springs from JC Whitney. I bough the half spring and was able to bolt them on the existing springs in the rear without having to dismantle anything. They did help quite a bit. Price was about $30/pair and about 1 hour of my time per side. NO special tools.

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Why is a loaded bus more comfortable than a empty bus?

"Ride" depends on the ratio of sprung weight to unsprung weight.A full bus has a lesser percent of its weight unsprung.Well, not exactly... Handling would be improved with a better ratio of sprung to unsprung weight, since this ratio affects the behavior of the tires when faced with irregular terrain.The fenomena is that the unsprung weight causes the tires to tend to lose contact when a bump in the the terrain throws them upward; the inertia of the group of masses of the tire+wheel+part of the suspension under the springs tend to keep them moving upward (lessening the contact with the road), until the spring in the suspension system gets compressed enough to stop them and then return them towards the pavement. This inertia also causes the unsprung weight (more properly the unsprung MASS) to lose contact with the road when a void or undulation is encountered.Therefore, the mass of the wheel+tire+unsprung part of the suspension affects the dynamic Adhesion to the road. Unfavorable ratios cause a loss of contact in irregular road surfaces, specially as speed is raised. Top race cars ussually have a very stiff suspension, but also have a much better ratio of unsprung to sprung mass; that is the advantage of using expensive very light alloys in wheels and suspension arms.NOW, the ride quality is a matter of many things, but talking in respect to load, it is the RATE of the springs that plays a role. Bus springs are selected to be able to carry a lot of load, because the bus is intended to be able to carry many passengers. When the bus is empty, the springs are relatively unloaded, and they appear to be too stiff for a soft ride.When the bus is loaded, any disturbances caused by bumps or irregularities of the road have to overcome the force exerted by the suspension springs, but now the sprung mass (which is the mass above the suspension system) is much higher, and the result is that even with stiff springs, the bus body, floor and seats, are less disturbed by the irregularities of the road. This fenomena affects all vehicles with passive suspension (springs).Buses with pneumatic or active suspension systems can adjust the stiffness of the suspension and keep a better ride within a range of loadings. amclaussen.

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Are front suspension systems interchangeable between ttr125 model and yz125 model?

not without severe modifications

What is a panhard bar?

It is the side to side bar that locates a live or solid axle in some suspension systems.

What two tools that would assist with an inspection of suspension and steering systems?

a trolley jack and a workshop lamp. A leverage bar.

What is the site ProCircuit all about?

ProCircuit is a website which deals in racing hardware. Motorcycles, engines, exhaust systems, suspension systems, and tools and lubricants are all available for purchase on ProCircuit.

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