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Hitler was fighting for World Domination, everyone else was fighting to stop him.

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Q: Why were the countries fighting during world war 2?
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Name the 3 countries we were fighting during World War 2?

Germany, Japan & Italy

What symbols did people have to wear during world war 2?

The Jews had to wear the star of David. I guess soldiers fighting the war had to wear symbols of the countries they were fighting for.

What Middle-Eastern countries were at war during World War 2 and who were they battling?

Vietnam was fighting in the war with Russia, and Russia was battling the British men.

In world war 2 what countries did not use weapons?

All countries fighting in World War 2 used weapons.

How many countries were fighting in World War 2?


What were the two countries fighting in World War 1?


Why was the war called a 'world' war?

Because most of the major countries of the world were involved in the fighting.

How did the World War 1 and World War 2 start?

the countries were fighting over toys

Who was not fighting in World War I?

Well, the fighting was done by Britain, Germany, the United States, Hungary, Serbia, and Russia. So by process of elimination, you can figure out which countries were not fighting during this time.

Why did the other countries attack in world war 2?

During the world war 2 the british was fighting with the middle east countries the other coutries were asked to help some countries such as british asked help for indians and muslims in ww1

Why was the seven years war a world war?

Because it had diffferent countries from around the world involved and fighting in it.

In which European country did much of the fighting during World War I?

Most European countries were involved in World War 1. In Western Europe, most of the fighting took place in Belgium and France and in Eastern Europe, Turkey and Bulgaria saw a lot of fighting.

What countries were fighting against the Jews in World War 2?


What was World war?

World War is a war that involves all/or most of the countries fighting in alliances against each other.

Who was Austria fighting during world war 1?

no one

What 2 countries were fighting in world war 2?

Dozens of countries were fighting during World War 2 but the main ones are: Britain Nazi Germany Italy USSR USA France Japan China Canada More than 2 but gives you a little more to think on.

Most of the fighting in World War I took place in what country?

Most of the fighting from world war 1 happened in Europe in the countries of Belgium and France. The germans did most of the fighting and invasions.

What two countries were France and Germany fighting over in World War 1?

In the first world war France and Germany were fighting over Bosnia and Herzegovina.

What isWorld War 1?

world war 1 is the first world war. Nearly all countries were involved in the fighting. The Major countries were Germany France and Brittan

Why was World War 2 named the Second World War?

because it was the world war that ended after the first world war. Also referring to world war as a war that has most countries fighting in it.

Who were the Americans fighting during World War 2?

the axis powers

What continent during world war 2 occurred no fighting?


Who were the Australians fighting during world war 1?

the Turks and the Germans

What event happened before the bombing of Japan?

the countries were fighting the war was called 'World War 2'

Did Canada send troops during World War 1?

They certainly did, along with most other countries in the British Empire. 57,000 of them were killed in the fighting.