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After the Bay of Pigs, where the U.S. invaded Cuba in attempt to overthrow Cuban government, Fidel Castro, the Cuban dictator, was very uneasy about the U.S.. It was because of the Bay of Pigs that Cuba became suspicious of the U.S. after that.

When the Soviet Union asked to install missiles in Cuba, they agreed because that way they would feel more protected if the U.S. was to attack again.

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Missiles were not sent to Cuba in the Cuban Missile crisis. In 1962 an American spy plane flying over Cuba detected a Russian built missile base. President Kennedy ordered a "Quarantine" (or blockade) of Cuba so that Russia could not send reinforcements to defend the missile base or bring in more missiles. Cuba is only about 90 miles off the Coast of Florida; a foreign missile base so close to the borders of our country was deemed a threat to National Security. For almost two weeks the United States and Russia teetered on the brink of Nuclear War Eventually Russia backed down and removed its missiles from Cuba in exchange for the voluntary removal of U.S. missiles from Turkey and a promise to never invade Cuba.

For more information on this subject, watch the movie, "Thirteen Days" starring Kevin Costner (2001).

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actually the missiles are from the Russians, they were just hidden in Cuba so the Americans won't detect it.

unfortunately thanks to spy planes the Americans still found it out.

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Q: Why were the missiles sent to cuba in the Cuban missle crisis?
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