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You need to find out if it needs fire or fuel first. It can be many things . I suggest taking it to a garage.

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โˆ™ 2004-10-23 10:18:59
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Q: Why will a car turn over but not start after it has sat for a while?
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The car has power but will not start you can pop the clutch and it will start but when you turn the key it wont?

Does it turn over? Does it turn over?

Why does the car start but won't turn over?

Well actually if it is started then it has turned over.

Car with charged battery won't start won't turn over?

why after replaced the head gasket car wont turn over??jetta 2000 2.2l

What if your car does not start it cranks but does not turn over and it makes a grinding noise?

== ==

Can the solenoid be the problem why your car doesn't start?

If it doesnt turn over it can be

Why does your car turn over slowly and not start then wont turn over?

Nahh, you've got wrong info dude, my car starts on just well! :P

What is the signs of a bad ingition switch in a Pontiac firebird?

One of the signs is the security light will stay on and the car won't turn over. For a while the light will eventually go out and then the car will start. But as the switch totally fails the car won't start anymore.

Car will turn over but only starts sometimes?

There are a couple of reasons why a car will turn over but only start sometimes. There could be a starter issue or a spark plug issue.

If you try to start your car starter good battery good still wont start is it the fuel pump?

Does it turn over? Does it have spark? Does it have fuel? Does it turn over? Does it have spark? Does it have fuel?

What do I check my car wont start?

if it does not turn over and no clicking noise but headlights on, check start fuse and relay if it doesnt turn over and clicks probable starter solenoid

What s if the battery is good but the car won't start?

Won't start and won't turn over are 2 different things. If it will not turn over then look at the starter or ignition switch.

Why did your car shut down while you was driving and want start or turn over?

Try checking the battery cables. The positive wire might have come loose.

What are signs of a dead car battery?

If your car doesn't start, or when you turn the key it makes a weird noise. Lights dim, slow to turn over,

1992 Lincoln town Car still won't start after replacing starter?

car won't turn over

What is the purpouse of a solenoid?

It is to give the starter enough power to turn your car over to start it..

How do you know if your alternator is not working?

Car won't start... engine can turn over, no power.

What if the car will not turn over or start?

- Battery no good - Bad connection - starter no good

Why won't car turn over to start?

if it doesent turn over its a dead battery or a loose battery terminal try jump starting it and see if it turns over

How can you start car if key has been snatched out of the ignition while in drive and you can not turn whell or start car?

Well you should use the emergancy break or jump out of the car when you have the best chance.

Why doesn't car start?

The most common reasons for a car not to turn over or start are a bad starter, a bad starter solenoid, or a wiring problem. If the car is turning over. check the engine for fire to the spark plugs.

Why would a car turn over and not start but slowly lose power as if your battery was dead?

The more you turn your car over, the dead-er you battery gets. If your car doesn't start you should try to figure out why, fix it, then attempt to start it again. Continuing to attempt to start it will only kill the battery, thus making it pointless and giving you two problems.

Driving down the road and car stalls then will not start will turn over but not start what is the issue?

fuel system... likely injector

You have ford focus model 2006 car but not start you put new bettery as well but no luck all light working but car not start?

When you say it will not start are you saying it will turn over but not fire or are you saying it will not even turn over. That bit of information is critical to an answer.If the engine turns over, check the fuel cutoff switch.

What happen when you start your car the engine does not turn over?

Either your battery is dead or starter is shot.

What does it mean when your car keeps stalling and is hard to turn over and start?

Weak battery or starter.