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will it not pull at all or just not well?? Could be low on Transmission Fluid if its having trouble moving when in drive.... I know i have seen it happen on a 95' Ford aerostar, not an 89 though... If it doesn't move at all, perhaps shift linkage is not putting transmission into gear. check under van to inspect linkage.

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Why 1993 ford aerostar transmission will not pull when i put it drive?

check your fuse, i had the same problem, put in new transmission, did the same thing, replaced 15 amp fuse to speedometer, worked fine. what an ordeal for just a fuse. will cason

How do you take the Headrest off a 1989 Ford Mustang?

They just pull straight up. Mine were hard to pull out. No fancy catches.

How do you replace CV joints on 1996 Ford Aerostar?

The CV joints on a 1996 Ford Aerostar can be replaced by removing the nuts and bolts on the tires. Next, cotter pins, lower ball joints, and the outer joint will need to be removed. Then a pry bar can be placed between the transmission and the inner joint, which will make it easy to pull out.

How do you open hood of a 1989 ford F150 EFT?

pull the hood latch and by the grill to the left of the ford logo there is a handle push it left and there it is

How do you change the license plate bulb on a 1993 Ford Aerostar?

There are two screws holding the lens in place, remove both screws, pull the bulb assembly out, lift the lens off of bulb, pull the bulb straight out to replace it.

How do you change the license plate bulb on a 1997 Ford Aerostar?

There are two screws holding the lens in place, remove both screws, pull the bulb assembly out, lift the lens off of bulb, pull the bulb straight out to replace it.

Where is the thermostat located on a Ford Aerostar XL?

On a 4.0L, it is where the upper hose connects to the intake manifold. Use 10mm socket to pull 3 bolts. On 3.0L, I believe I recall it is similar.

What can cause a aerostar transmission not to pull?

The Bands in the transmission are slipping/ the tranny is bad.

How do you remove the ignition switch on a 1989 Ford Aerostar van?

If you talking about were the key goes into the Ignition then try this. I have a 1991 aerostar. Disconnect your battery. Then remove the screws holding the plastic steering wheel cover. then by looking at the bottom of the steering wheel near the ignition you should see a little button (or what looks like a hole) With the key in the ignition push this button/hole and pull on the ignition (not Majorly hard) Slowly turn the key and it should come out easaly when it is in the on position.

Where is the fuel pump reset switch on a 1992 ford aerostar van?

I own a 1992 Aerostar. I believe you will find a reset switch button behind the covering under the dash on the passenger side of the front. You should be able to gently pull the cover back away and reach in, locate the switch and press the reset button.

How do you open the gas door at on a 1994 ford aerostar?

there is 2 ways. 1) use the latch behind the drivers seat on the left 2) open the panel whare the jack is and there will be a pull cord in there somewhare that says fuel valve manual operation or something...pull it hard...the door will open

How do you remove wiper blade from wiper arm on 1991 Ford Aerostar?

The 1991 Ford Aerostar has the most common hook-end wiper arms. See sources and related links below for installation videos. Locate and press the tab or button where the wiper blade is inserted into the hook of the wiper arm and pull wiper blade out of hook. You may have to rotate and flex the blade to make enough clearance for the hook to pass through.

How to Replace wiper arm 1989 ford club wagon?

theres a pin on the end of the arm, pull it sideways and pul up at the same time

How do you get the hood open on a 1989 Dodge Ram pickup when the pull latch breaks?

my truck wont drive it does everthing but when i otu in d it makes sound

How can I remove the engine cover on a Ford aerostar 1992?

if your talking about the engine cover inside the van under the dash! on each Sid eof it back under the dash there are 2 latches on each side un latch them and carefully pull it out!

Where to find reset button for fuel relay on 1989 Ford Ranger?

It is just right of the transmission hub under the dash and pull the carpet down to see it.

Why did your o d off light come on in your ford focus?

you hit the button on your shifter, green light means over drive is off, on dash ,,you should drive car in over drive unless ,,you pull a trailer ,or boat or something...

How do you replace the studds on the rear hub of a 2004 ford focus ZX3?

Just drive them out and turn the lugnuts backward to pull the other (new) ones in.

The door handle on your 1995 Ford Aerostar works inside but not on the outside how can you fix this?

the door on my 94 aerostar only opens from the outside and only if you hold the lock button up on the inside while you pull the handle. it is a pain it the but. i am going to take it apart this weekend and maybe i can help you next week. it is probably just a hook or latch that came off inside the door.

How do you reset the computer on a 1992 Ford Aerostar w4.0l V6 engine?

Pull the positive battery cable off for a few minutes. Or, hook up a scanner and clear the codes. The light will probably come back as there is an emmission problem most likely.

How do you replace the headlight?

On my ford aerostar I coudnt reach the bulb from behind so I had to remove the housing to get to the bulb. First the crome frame and then the headlight case. In the center of the headlight case is the bulb housing. There is a clip that has a tab and you lift it up and pull out. There is the bulb.

How do you remove the distributor rotor on a 1995 ford aerostar?

unbolt the distributer cap and lift up. The rotor is under the cap on a pivot. It should just pull off. Keep track of the position of the rotor and distributor cap though. Just in case.

Where is the hazard flasher located on a 1989 Ford F-150?

up under the dash by the brake pedal-its a light blue round switch that you pull towards you.

How do you remove drive shaft and universal joints Chevy silverado 1989?

take out the four bolts where the drive shaft meets the rear end,then move the driveshaft foreward about one inch,drop the driveshaft down and pull it out.

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