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Its a safety feature. Put your key in the ignition, push your turn signal lever down, turn the ignition. the car should start..of course remember to turn off your turn signal :-)

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โˆ™ 2005-08-13 18:20:44
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Q: Why won't a 1990 Toyota Corolla key turn?
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How do you fix a blinker to a 1990 Toyota Corolla?

i have a 1990 Toyota corolla and my blinker wont turn left or right on its own I have to do it manualy i think its been cut off what do i need to buy to fix the problem

Drive belt on alternator wont turn on 94 corolla?

The drive belt on the alternator of a 94 Toyota Corolla won't turn if the bearing has seized. The alternator will need to be replaced.

94 corolla transmission wont go into gear?

my 94 Toyota corolla will not go into any gears .

How do you install a Pioneer CD deck in a 1994 Toyota Corolla?

re: need helpi need help installing a pioneer CD player into a 1990 Toyota corolla i installed it and the CD plays but the volume doesn't working and the blinker wont signal on its own i have to keep clickn

Your freewheel hub wont turn to the free position on your 1990 Toyota hilux?

If the freewheel hub will not turn to the free position on a 1990 Toyota Hilux, it may need to be lubricated. The freewheel hub turns clockwise to free itself and counter clockwise to engage.

My 94 Toyota corolla ex clicks once when i turn the key and engine wont turn. the 2nd or 3rd time i turn the key it does start but even then it clicks and then starts?

The starter solenoid/relay switch is going bad. Eventually, it will just click and not start.

99 Toyota corolla wont start but clicks?

Check your alternator and if that isn't it (but sounds like it) take a look at your starter.

Why would your 95 Toyota Corolla die after running for 5 minutes then wont strt back up?

Timing Belt?

If my 96 Toyota corolla cranks but wont start what can be the problem?

chances are to start with the fuel filter if that's not it try the fuel pump

1990 Toyota corolla and your blinker wont turn left or right on its own you have to do it manualy you think its been cut off what do you need to buy to fix the problem?

you need to replace the flasher can in your vehicle there are 2 of these. 1 for the blinker and 1 for the hazards so make sure you replace correct one, they cost about 3 buccks and anyone can do it

How do flush a fuel line for a 1993 Toyota corolla?

just give it a full flush in your toilet. Oh i believe a half flush wont work!

Why wont' a 1993 Toyota Corolla start?

Check for spark and fuel to start, then go from there. It could be almost anything and is a process of elimination to find the cause.

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