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Why wont your husband make love to you He says that he will and never does I try to dress up and surprise him to turn him on He always pushes me away He says don't plan it just let it happen HELP?



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the man probably loves you alot. but coming from a man's point of view. we spend all day thinking about our jobs and commitments. sex in the beginning of a relationship does not involve thinking.quite the opposite, more first time sex probably wouldn't happen if both people were thinking. if your man thinks like i do you would not do very good by giving me something else to think about, it would automically place lovemaking in my mind as another task or chore that needs to be placed on my todo list. a cup of coffee when i get home, before i am told of any situations i need to deal with it. some gental talk (the car is running good, i like the way that cloud looks, do you think this color would look good,) men like having their oppinion asked about small items that really don't matter. then try having a shower set and ready/ a towel ready comfortable clothes. (honey i have a shower ready for you when your ready and the kids have already gone to the bathroom.) cuddle up next to him in bed, be gentle not aggresive. a soft touch goes a long way with a good man. maybe lay your head on his chest and ask him to rub your shoulders. your hand carressess will go along way with how his hand rubs your shoulders, back, and well wherever you lead your hand on him will lead to your desired results. I hope this might help