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Check the fuses.

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Q: Why would Climate control lights and heat and air conditioning stoped working on 1999 sable?
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Can I reset blinking lights on climate control?

i wish i knew

2003 buick rendezvous and the interior lights on the radio panel and climate control panel do not worksome of them do .So you were wondering what the problem was and how to fix it?

They can't be fixed. You have to change the radio. The climate control is the same way, You have to change the unit to get the light working.

Why are your headlights and tail lights working but your dash lights are not?

If parking and tailights are working could be headlight switch--rheostat for dimming control could be bad

What would make the power locks on your 2004 Grand Marquis stop working using the door mounted switches but still work with the remote control?

Fuse number 23 in the passenger compartment box is blown. It caused the following devices to stop working: Door lock switches (but not the locks), Interior lights, radio lights, A/C climate control, overhead console quit.

How do I fix the 1989 Honda accord climate control panel wherein the front and rear defroster stopped working?

Is it the push button style climate control panel? If so I am having the same problem. I can not adjust where the air blows from because its not getting the signal from the buttons. Also the lights are not Illuminated and the rear defrost does not work.

When a 2000 Toyota Camry dome lights stop working does the romote stop working also?

Usually it does not. Unless your remote control unit is on the same fuse along with the dome lights.

What is the five list down of uses of electricity in the home and community?

* Lights. * Appliances. * Heating/air conditioning. * Security systems. * Traffic control.

What would cause the electronic climate control buttons and display in the dashboard of my 1998 BMW 328i die?

if all buttons and lights went out on your climate control then either its not receiving proper power or ground, or the control panel assembly is faulty.

Signal lights not working?

signal lights not working.

Why would the instrument panel lights in a Pontiac Grand Am not be working?

If they are all not working, I would suspect a blown fuse, or they are just turned off. There is a rheostat used to control the brightness of the instrument lights. If it is turned too far the lights will go off. Find the control and turn it. Sometimes it is the reset button for the odometer and sometimes it is a separate control. Look in your owner's manual for the location.

Where do you find the fuse for the cruise control on a 2000 Ford Focus?

Are you sure you need the fuse for the cruise control. My cruise control wasn't working, neither were my brake lights. All 7 bulbs were burnt out. When the brake lights were replaced the cruise control worked.

If none of the dash lights climate control lights or the shifter light will come on in your 1991 Mustang LX how do you fix this?

If the fuses are all good (which, I bet they are), you most likely have a faulty dimmer control. Almost all the dash and interior trim lights are wired through this switch to allow you to dim them. If it has gone bad, that could cause them all to stop working. Fairly inexpensive and easy to change. Check the fuses-- under the dash and/or under the hood.

Dash lights to gauges no working?

The dash light brightness control may be turned off, check the switch.

How do you change light bulbs for climate control on magnum?

You don't replace the lights in the dash board climate control. It is a singular control module. Once the lights in it burn out, that's it. You either replace it for a few hundred bucks or just live with it. A quick and cost effective way to get light in that area is to buy a little 12 volt light that you plug into the cigarette lighter with a flexible neck.

How do you tell if Body control module is working in 99 bravada?

If your key fob is working, and the correct lights blink when you use it, and all of your electrical devices are working, this is a good sign that the body control module is working. The only real way to know there is a problem with it is to have it tested by an auto technician.

Your dash lights have gone out on your 93 Aerostar and the fuses are ok?

Check your tail lights to see if they are working. Some car makers tie the dash lights to the tail lights as a way to warn you the tail lights are out. Alternately, your head light control dimmer has gone bad.

What is the job of an electircian?

They wire a house for lights, applicances, and air conditioning.

What causes the instrument panel on a 01 buick regal to stop working?

the lights are out on my dash, climate control and radio buttons, but are ok (but very dim) on the odometer and radio clock/display. it's like someone turned the dimmer all the way down. could the dimmer be bad? all my interior lights and automatic headlights work.

Passat 04 tdi indicator lights are not working?

If a Passat 04 TDI's indicator lights are not working, check the fuse. A blown fuse can cause the lights to stop working.

93 Lincoln mark 8 no digital lights on temp control console sometimes heat goes on sometimes does not go on all what can be the problem?

Could be a short or the climate control unit is about to be toast.

Crown Victoria blower not working head lights?

crown Victoria blower not working and head lights.

Changed brake pads lights not working?

my lights are not working when i changed the pads on my peutgeo partner van

Air not working on 1997 Plymouth van but lights flashing on dash?

lights flashing on an a/c control head usually indicate a pressure problem in the .c system. possibly low on freon

How do you replace lights on 2003 Toyota Echo dash?

Depends on which lights. Pull off the climate control knobs and take out both screws. Give the dash a tug from the sides near the compartments and you can pull the whole thing out.

What is it when your lights went out on dash fro your climate control panel on a 96 Monte Carlo 3.1 how do you change?

it is a regulater switch in the fuse box under the hood.