Why would a '95 Deville not start when putting starting fluid in the throttle body?

timeing is off,no spark(power to the plugs but not threw them),cracked distrib.cap.bad stator in distrib. It is highly recommended that starting fluid (ether) never be used in throtle body gasoline engines unless one is very highly quaified in engine maintenance proceedures. Ether is a very volitile flamable liquid. Using it can cause serious engine damage not to mention bodily harm. Before using any type of starting liquids check to make sure there voltage flowing between the spark plug wires and the spark plugs. If there is no voltage there or the voltage reads much below 16k volts there simply may not be enough to overcome the resistance of the resistor type spark plugs that are used in all cars today. Most newer cars since the early 1980s have aluminum cylinder heads. Using starting fluids can cause serious damage to aluminum cylinder heads. There are a whole aray of electrical reasons that an engine does not start with or without starting fluid. ALL these potential reason should be checked before even thinking about using any type of starting fluid.