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Why would a '92 Ford Taurus make a thumping noise on acceleration?

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Hey Sandra==The only thing I can think of is if the engine and trans mounts are broken. Have them checked out. Good luck, Joe

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What would cause a thumping noise when increasing the pressure on the brakes but not pumping them?

Take it to the garage and have them check for a cracked rotor or a loose caliper.

Car makes a thumping noise so long as the engine is on a goes off when turned off?

The frist thing I would check would be the engine mounts.

Why would a Pontiac grand prix have a humming noise on acceleration?

newdiv vacuum leak, cat. converter comming apart, exhaust noise

What would cause a rear end thumping noise when you drive over a bump in the road?

check the rear drag links for wear the ball joints wear out a lot on them

What would cause a thumping or clunking noise that stops when braking in the front end of a 93 Ford Taurus that started after having new tires put on?

Check the lug nuts immediately. Check tha clip that holds the brake pad on. I had a loose pad that made more of a tick sound that went away when I pressed on the brakes

With a 1994 Dodge Spirit why would the car make a thumping noise decelerating from 35 MPH or when beginning acceleration Sounds like its from the hood but could be the wheels?

you might want to check your motor mounts...I had one gone ..had it replaced...month later gone again...Now I had it replaced again and havent had any problems.

What causes a Thumping noise while driving I Put new tires on and is still thumping?

loose lugnut, wheel bearings, cv joint, u joint, bad tire(s), it could be many problems. i would start in the order mentioned and go from there. just dont go to a mechanic saying "i dont know what this noise is.." they are likely to soak you with more to spend.. hope that helps..

Can you still drive your car if the tire is thumping?

It is definitely not a good idea, a thumping noise usually means it has a large bubble, belts are broken or part of the tread is missing. Driving would be unsafe because a blow out of that nature, you could lose control of the car, not able to stop and possibly get into an accident.

What would cause thumping noise in recently repaired tire?

When they were repairing it they probably pushed a plug through your tire accidentally and left it, then put in another plug correctly to seal your tire.

If your 1997 Ford Taurus makes a loud noise when you let off the gas in Park could it be the timing chain?

Hello, my suggestion would be just opening the hood when the noise goes on. Try to locate where the noise comes from. I have similar problem with my Taurus 2000 SE. It occasionally makes the noise somewhere under the hood. I sent the car to pep boys today. they were not able to locate the noise because it was quiet . so i have to wait until the noise goes up again and open the hood and see.

What would cause a thumping noise from the rear of a Jeep Cherokee when setting off after using the brakes quite hard?

i don't know if this helps but i just had my car repaired tonight and when i picked it up this was a new problem that wasn't there before. i took it back and they said the thumping was caused by a rotor??? that they forgot to tighten? i am not sure i have the name right!

What happends to acceleration if you double the force being applied?

Then the acceleration would also double.Then the acceleration would also double.Then the acceleration would also double.Then the acceleration would also double.

What would cause a whine noise during acceleration in a 2.2 Chevy cavalier?

The whining noise in our 2001 2.2 cavalier turned out to be the a/c compressor. It ended up going out at about 120,000 miles. I would suggest having it serviced. I wish we would have had ours serviced.

What is causing thumping sound which increases in frequency with acceleration in rear wheel of Ford Taurus?

The first thing I would check is for a bad tire. The steel belts in the tire can separate and cause it to not run 'true'. A bad tire also may not show a visible symptom - having the tire balanced is one way to identify a problem. Another, no-cost diagnostic check would be to rotate the tires to the front and see if the sound / problem moves too.

Im having a a constant growling grinding noise coming from the rear end of my 1999 ford f 150 truck like something is grinding or out of line.?

If the noise changes pitch under acceleration and deacceleration I would suspect the carrier bearings or pinion bearings are shot. If there is no change under acceleration or deacceleration I would suspect an alxe bearing is shot.

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