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sounds like cv joints

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Q: If your 2001 Saturn SL makes a bad thumping noise when you turn the wheel what would it be?
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Thumping noise coming from left rear wheel on 97 Taurus sounds like wheel is rubbing against something why?

Have that tire checked sometimes the belts inside can break and cause a thumping noise

What causes a thumping noise in the front right wheel when turning?


Loud noise when turning?

If it is a thumping and a front wheel drive car, it is probably one of the axles.

What causes loud noise from passenger from almost a thumping sound wheel?

Type your answer here... Rims bent

What is it if my car makes a thumping grinding noise at higher speeds?

Rear wheel drive: Possibly a worn universal joint on the drive shaft. Front wheel drive: possibly worn CV joints on the front drive shafts.

What is that thumping noise you hear when you make a left turn only?

Could be a bad tire? Could be a bad wheel bearing?

What is the noise coming from your 1994 Saturn's front wheel?

Could be a wheel bearing, brake pads worn,

Back wheel on driver side makes cranking noise?

I am not sure what you mean by "cranking" noise. My guess is a bad wheel bearing. A loose wheel makes a noise especially if the some of the bolts have fallen out and are rolling around in the wheel cover.

What cause thumping sound from rear of Saturn sc?

Flat spot on the wheel. Bad wheel bearing. (however its usually the front not the back) Rotate the wheels and see if the problem travels with the a certain wheel

1999 exployer has constant thumping noise from front right?

Bad tire? try moving it to another location on vehicle Bad wheel bearing?

Why is your dodge ram 1500 making a thumping noise when driving it but it stops if you apply the brake?

It sounds like wheel bearings. They make a noise while they're in one position but when you hit the brake, it moves them a little, and the noise stops.

2001 Chevy cavalier right front thumping noise when you decelerate?

if its when you are breaking it is possible it could be a rotor if you hear like a roaring or grinding noise coming from that side also could be a wheel bearing

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