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Why would a '95 Dodge neon keep blowing the fuel pump fuse even after the pump has been replaced?

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I'm having the same problem with my 1997 Neon. It broke down 4 times this week. I took it to the mechanic and he replaced the fuel pump and it broke down again. I have heard that it could be something with the ignition switch or the oxygen sensor(they are on the same fuse as the fuel pump). If I hear back from the mechanic I will let you know. Meanwhile there goes $500 down the drain for the fuel pump. A: you probably have a short start by checking aroung the wires that are under the air intake hoe that runs across the driver side of the motor water sensor wires are close to heater Plumbing and would short other systems also look for wires were o2 sensor connect to other wires. A:1995 Neon. Fuel pump fuse often blows....someone had changed the exhaust pipes and disconnected a very long oxygen sensor wire from it's "Christmas tree" attachment to the alternator bracket....this caused the wire to lay down and rub against the exhaust pipe, causing the short that was blowing the fuse(fuel pump is on the same circuit)So, check your forward (near the motor) oxygen sensor wire routing and attachments.

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