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Maybe all of your cylinders aren't firing. Raw fuel is being sprayed into one of the piston cylinders but the spark isn't igniting or the timing is off and it isn't igniting at the right time. The above is correct. Ignition module and coil packs are a reasonable suspicion, as well as poor plug wires or plugs. Dont forget your vacuum hose or PVC hose that is a common problem with hesitation It could also mean that the fuel pressure regulator has failed, pumping raw gas into the engine. Check the injectors. If one looks wet it could be the o-rings have gone bad and all you need to do is replace the o-rings or at worse replace the injector. I agree. I have a Cavalier and had the same problems. I eventually needed to get 2 fuel injectors replaced, as fuel was apparently going into my exhaust.

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Q: Why would a 1986 Chevy Cavalier RS 2.8 hesitate like it is not getting gas and have a smell of unburned gasoline?
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Why does it smell like gasoline by the spark plugs?

Basically it means your fuel to air mixture is to rich (too much fuel and too little air), meaning that you are getting an incomplete burn of the fuel drawn into the cylinder for each cycle. It could also mean that you are not getting a hot enough spark (to ignite the mixture) thus leaving too much of the fuel unburned.

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Your 1995 Chevy cavalier is getting to much gas because you changed the oil and it smelt like gas?

Sounds like a ring job is in line. I could be wrong, but if the oil smells of gasoline,it's getting there somehow, and that would be the first place I would look. Check the compression on the cylinders. Would also check for a bad intake lifter.

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Check the camshaft sensor. If the sensor is bad or not getting power, then the engine will not fire and the injector will not get a signal.

Why would a car hesitate like it is not getting fuel when you try to accelerate quickly as when passing?

Change the fuel filter and have the cat convertor checked out

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