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My 1986 Dodge Ram 50 is a 2.6 liter engine--4 wheel drive. I experienced this same problem shortly after putting on a new fuel pump, which was just a coincidence in my opinion. 1) I put a can of "HEET" water remover in the gas tank (full). 2) I also replaced the "in-line gas filter". I have a factory manual which helps in doing maintenance. This filter is located behind the side skirt front panel which is just below the gas tank fill door. It requires removing this panel to get easy access to the filter. The filter costs only $2.25 at Advance Auto parts, and I used new hose clamps to replace the old spring steel clamps. a) remove the side wall fender protector plate inside the driver's side of the bed (double wall), held in place by approx. 10-15 Phillips screws. b) remove 2-10 MM bolts in the corner bottom of the bed against the fender. You do not need to remove the tie down bar. c) remove one 10 MM bolt inside the "side skirt front panel", and one 10 MM bolt on the skirt bottom. d) remove 2-10 MM bolts for the skirt panel between the front of the bed and the back of the cab. A long 10 MM box end wrench is needed. e) Once the "side skirt fromt panel" is removed, the in-line fuel filter is easily accessible. It take only 5-10 minutes to replace the filter. The time to remove the "side skirt front panel" is well worth the effort. You can look up under the truck to see this plastic filter before you start. These 2 items solved my problem. Good luck from Signal Mountain, TN

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Q: Why would a 1986 Dodge Ram 50 4 cylinder run pretty well until it comes to a hill then start shutting down?
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