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My neibor recently had the same problem with his 89 Probe. First remove and check the spark plugs. Fuel-Injector Cleaners, etc. tend to foul out the plugs. They may or may not need replaced. Just take them out and if they are black and/or look or feel wet, clean them up with a wire brush and a clean cloth and put them back in. If it still wont stay running, check the computer for codes. The procedure shouldn't be too hard to find on Google or similar. subminted by MiddleEartHippie(on AIM) I just had this problem with my 89 probe and it drove me crazy, turned out to be distributor needed replacement, also my tachometer went alittle hay wire while i kept foot on gas to keep it running.

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Q: Why would a 1989 Ford Probe start then shuts off if the car is getting fuel?
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