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Why would a 1989 Mazda 626 22L suddenly start backfiring running very rough and losing torque?


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your eng has jump timeing Or you may need to replace the cam position sensor


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A running torque is a series of rotations that keeps a load moving in hydraulics. It is the actual force used to make a rotation.

The backfiring may be due to intake manifold vacuum leak. Check the torque on the bolts and also check/replace the gasket.

Torque is the the force required to move a body about its fulcrum. The starting Torque is the force required to move the body from 0 rpm to the stipulated rpm, the Running torque is the force required to maintain the rpm. The Starting torque is often higher than the running force. Imagine peddling a push bike with one gear (say the one gear is a high gear), the force required to set off will be relatively high in comparison to the force you exert in order to maintain a velocity.

It is the twisting force that a motor can produce when it is running.

The running capacitor provides a phase shift between the rotor and stator winding, so torque can be created.

A good sentence for compressions is, He heard the torque of the engine dropping as the vehicle was losing compressions.

No, disconnecting after providing starting torque to starting winding.

A lot of manufacturers use a torque setting, but not Chevy. With the motor running, go to zero lash, and then 1/2, to a full turn from there.

So the torque converter and oil cooler are full.

The 4.3 vortec engine generates 190 hp with 253 pound-feet of torque running on gasoline. Using propane, it generates 183 hp with 247 pound-feet of torque. If the fuel used is natural gas, it induces 164 hp with 230 pound-feet of torque.

at starting or initial stage there is no acceleration,it requires more force or power to move any body during initial stage,where as in running condition,it also requires some force or power whioch is less then the imitial power.hence the starting torque is always > pull up torque

Type your answer here... it is possibly a torque converter problem or transmission faulty

According to alldata 13-15 ft lbs of torque are needed for the rocker arms. The engine does not need to be at TDC and it also does not have to be running.

there may be a problem with the torque converter or there is a short in a wire some where

Single phase motors have two windngs. Starting winding and running winding. Starting winding provides a kickstart, torque in a direction and then running winding keeps it rotating.

A single-phase induction motor can be considered as running on two oppositely-rotating magnetic fields. In normal running just below synchronous speed, the slip is perhaps 0.05 on one of these rotating fields and 1.95 on the other. The first field supplies the major part of the torque. When the motor is stationary with power supplied, both fields have a slip of 1 and they produce contrary torques so the motor remains stalled. If the motor is spun in one direction, the slip becomes unbalanced and there is a net torque from the direction with the least slip, so the motor runs up in that direction.

Load torque is the torque required by the load and motor torque is the torque available at the shaft of the motor.

Banked running tracks put less torque on the ankles so that it is easier to reach maximum speed without injury. However, this reasoning has not been proven with scientific evidence.?รฆ

If it is an automatic transmission going uphill it will downshift to a lower gear for more torque.

It doesn't work that way. The gear ratio determines what speed the vehicle is running at when in the (torque) powerband.

you could be running low on transmission fluid, or your torque converter could be going out

Electromagnetic torque and load torque are different.Electromagnetic torque is the torque that is produced inside the machine which makes the machine rotate,while load torque is the torque that is applied externally with brake drum and and spring balance.Electromagnetic torque can be varied by varying the speed of the machine,but load torque is fixed.

Torque output of the engine at that speed.

Pump will fill the converter when started however running the pump dry may cause damage to the pump

If the torque converter is loose it can do alot of damage to the transmission too. My ex- had to replace the transmission because the bolts were not put in correctly when someone else had changed something out. He had to put in a new transmission and torque converter. If it is running too rough you may have to change it all out. Check the bolts first to make sure everything is tight. If it is then you'll probably need new trany and torque converter.

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